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Guerrilla marketing

No description

Grog Gtoy

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing What is it? by Gabov Grigor intercept encounters in public places
street giveaways of products
PR stunts Maximum results from minimal resources! Principles For the small business and entrepreneur.
Human psychology rather than experience, judgment, and guesswork.
No Money! Yes: time, energy, and imagination
Amount of profits, not sales.
Create a standard of excellence
More referrals, more transactions
Cooperating with other businesses.
The smaller the better. Principles Why "Guerrilla" Selling? 750,000 in 10 years
75,000 in a year
242 in a day
Start new business 63% are out-of-business Why? 1.Poor financial planning
2.Poor marketing
3.Poor sale skills
Guerrilla Selling and Guerrilla Marketing address two of these three principle reasons for business failure Advertising, including the yellow-pages, is only about two percent of your marketing. 2% Tactics Direct mail Remember, direct mail pieces are really targeted advertisement delivered directly to recipient's mailboxes. Unleash Your Hidden Creativity Creativity is a gift to nurture and develop Be child! Turn on your imagine! 1.Relearn to Play
2.Read Books
4.Experience Arts and Culture
5.Use Technology
6.Take Risks
Do attractive advertisement! Advertisement must be short and must be memorable! =? What is better? Listen to your customers! Your customers will say all about your product or service. If he or she complain on your article of trade, you must remember it and .... Thank you! я
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