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Why Zalamea Matters: Philosophy, Semiosis, and Culture

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Christopher Vitale

on 24 October 2015

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Transcript of Why Zalamea Matters: Philosophy, Semiosis, and Culture

Age of Despotism of Number and Technology
Maurizio Lazzarato: Machinic Enslavement by Asignifying Signs which act directly on material flows
Ideologies of Math and Science
Concretism/Reductionism in Sciences;
Platonism/Logicism/Analytics in Math

Category Theory: Transformation over Being
All is Mixtures
Lautman and Peirce
Zalamea's Sheaficiation of Culture
Zalamea Performs Warburgian Sheaficiations of Mathematics, Art, Culture, and Beyond
Zalamea's Social Vision
Between extreme Relativism of Postmodern, and neo-Absolutism
is Transmodern
Why Zalamea Matters: Philosophy, Semiosis, Politics, and Culture
Education reduced to Market/STEM,
abstractly taught, produce/maintain hierarchy and inequality
Mathematics and Science in the service of
technology, calculation, finance, market, miiltary
Math/Sci: Reified, atomized, cut off from
all social processes, history, values
Dominant Ideologies of Math/Sci reproduce status- quo power structures
20th Century Foundations Crises: Goedel, Quantum, Deconstruction/"Postmodernism"
Post-Foundational Alternatives At Limits of Dominant Disciplines: Quantum Physics, Relativity Sci, Complexity Sci, Abstract Mathematics
Questions: What is Number? Space? Time? Matter? Energy? Meaning? Value?
Philosophical, Dangerous Questions at Foundations of Disciplines, Beyond Purity, Foundationalism, towards Open, Creative, Living, Disruptive
Disavowal of Foundations Crises as Foundational Conditions of Possibility of "Normal" Science
Brian Rotman: Naturalized Semiotics of Mathematics, Algebras as Counting/Time, Geometry as Form/Space, Analysis Links
Fernando Zalamea: Even Category Theory too Abstract, Sheaf Theory, 'Real'/Non-Elementary Mathmematics in its full Richness of Lived Praxis
Deeper Project: Renewed Peircianism, Mathematics as Part of General Pragmatic Semiosis of Culture, from Mathematics to Art, Politics, Culture, Beyond
Alain Badiou: Set/Category, Presentation/Representation, Political Disjunction
Postfoundational Cognitive Mapping, Transcendental Empiricism
Relative Universals, Mixtures and Particular over abstract Universal or Singular
Absolutes of
ideal/material only asymptotically accessible
Beyond Excluded Middle, Non-Separation/"Disjunctive Synthesis"
Pragmatic Oscilation between Analysis/Top-Down/Differential and Synthesis/Bottom-Up/Integration
Neo-Rationalism of expanded notion of Globality, Universality, Rationality
Critique of Immediacy
Anti-essentialism: All is mixed measure (Bergson), multiplicity/self-differing substance (Deleuze), "we do not know what a body can do" (Spinoza), concrete universal (Hegel), critique of "misplaced concreteness"/reification of process (Whitehead)
The Dialectic: Hegel's Critique of
"Sense Certainty," Marxist critique
of commodity fetishism, reification
Inverse Critique of Idealism and Materialism, inverses of Immediacy, all caused by Overly Analytic Culture
Always mixed, Pragmatic Sheaficiation allows navigation
NYC Seminar: Weaves Grothendieck with Atlas of Transformation, Older/Newer thinkers/artists, domains of music, visuality, beyond
Extracts common logics beyond seeming reifications,
allows for "dialectiization" of pasts by new potential futures via transit from cultural actuals to virtuals and back
Transgressing divisions and reifications to find new smoothnesses to help guide potential transits, indicate obstructions, synthesize
A Revolutionary Zalamean Vision of Future?
Benjamin: From Constellations of Ruins,
the Messianic/Revolutionary
Peirce: "Evolutionary Love"
(Dialectics, Hegel/Marx),
What are the Conditions of Possibility of Mathematics, Art, 'High' Culture? What of Oppression, Power, the Unconscious?
A non-separated relative universal
must think our moment in terms of contemporary violence, oppression, power, ideology, control, inequality, extraction/capture of surplus
Beyond Subjects/Objects, radical post-
foundational revolution against machinic
reifications via creation/discovery of new sheaves, which can blast the ruins of capitalist oppression into lines of flight towards less destructive, more Peircean futures
How to sheafify our
contemporary world of
Sheaves as Ernesto Laclau's
"Empty Signifiers"?
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