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Huckleberry Finn Should not be taught in High School

The Banning of an American Novel

Sawyer Tedder

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Huckleberry Finn Should not be taught in High School

Huckleberry Finn Should
be Taught in High Schools What is wrong with Huckleberry Finn? Its uses the would "n-word".
The "n-word" is a derogitory term not just for African-Americans but for all races. Hate crimes and racial strife is at an all time high. Sensetivity to racial issues is very important now so
students learn to be more accepting of other cultures as the world is becoming more of an international community.
Its depection of a broken family. Already families today are breaking apart at an all time high. Studnet need to be taught better family values in school so they will go and make a better fmaily themselves. So What Should we do? Because of its very offensive content, Huckleberry Finn should not be taught in High Schools. It offends families religious, moral, or political sensibilities. Instead, it should be taught in college. In college, students are more mature and can do a focused study of the book in class. That way, they can get a better understanding of the novel and discuss its merits. Because of high school standards, they cannont take this much time to disect the novel properly. And some high school teachers are not experienced enough to teach such a controversial and delicate subject. College is a choice where as high school is required. Students in college can choose to take the corse or read the book where in high school, students are forced on the book.
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