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AP Statistics Final Project

No description

Caroline Liu

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of AP Statistics Final Project

Introduction Our swim coach is always calling us out for poor attendance, especially the girls. To check his claim, I decided to perform a significance test to see whether there is actually a difference between the girls' and the boys' attendance rates. Data Collection I recorded the attendance of boys/girls in the Senior Age Group* for a total of 10 practices (both AM and PM). [n=10]

There are a total of 16 males and 21 females in this age group. Parameters Error Analysis Significance Test
Random? No, convenience sampling. [see error analysis]
Normal? No, [see error analysis]
Independent? Yes, there are more than 160 boys and 210 girls so the 10 percent condition is satisfied.
My statistical test did not meet the "random" condition. Rather, it was a convenience sample. This may have caused some bias in the significance test.
My statistical test also did not meet the "normal" condition, so I would need a larger sample size to conclude the results that I found.
In addition, there are many lurking variables: Topic- Is the proportion of girls that show up to swim practice different from the proportion of boys that show up?
Statistical Test- 2 sample z significance test for population proportion with a significance level of a=.05 AND a 95% confidence interval for the difference of 2 population proportions Are boys or girls more dedicated to showing up to swimming practice? Caroline Liu * Our swim team (Duke Aquatics) is split into groups according to speed and age. The "Senior" Group, which I am sampling from, contains the oldest (15+) and fastest swimmers. Data Conditions Calculations 2 Sample Z-Test 2 Sample Confidence Interval Conclusion My 2 sample z test for difference in population proportion resulted with a p-value of 0.5844, which is much higher than the standard significance of 0.05. Thus, we fail to reject our null hypothesis and can't conclude our alternative hypothesis. Furthermore, my 2 sample confidence interval for difference in population proportion contains the value of 0, further confirming my prior conclusion. We can conclude through these two significance tests that there is no significant different between the proportion of boys and girls that show up to Duke Aquatics practice. those sampled are high school students(lack motivation)
when schools have school events, certain swimmers don't show up (the team only has male NCSSM swimmers)
weather conditions around the Chapel Hill/Durham area (tornado warning around Durham area, etc...)
some of the practices were in the morning (5AM) and some were in the afternoon (4PM), people are much likely to attend the afternoon practices
Final answer... Maybe??
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