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No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Exposition

The Outsiders Plot Outline
Rising Action
1.) Johnny and Ponyboy both get jumped for picking up a soc's girl (Cherry). The Soc's start drowning Ponyboy so Johnny kills Bob, Cherry's boyfriend, in self defense.
Johnny dies. Ponyboy can take it but Dally cannot. Dally robs a store and gets killed by the police.
Falling Action
Ponyboy passes out for 3 days because he was not well enough to handle the rumble and losing Dally and Johnny.
After finding a note from Johnny in Gone With the Wind, Ponyboy decides to right an English paper on "his side of the story"
Pony boy got jumped.
2.) When Dally comes to stay with Johnny and Ponyboy. They go out to eat and when they get back the church that they have been staying at is on fire. Johnny and Ponyboy save the kids that are inside and become heros.
By: Savannah Wadman , Ashley Taylor and Leah Whitaker
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