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Carbon and It's Compounds

No description

Alexandra Gancasz

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Carbon and It's Compounds

Carbon and It's Compounds Definitions organic compound isomer hydrocarbon saturated hydrocarbon unsaturated hydrocarbon function group monomers polymers - compounds of carbon that contain either carbon-carbon bonds or carbon-hydrogen bonds or both - any of two or more compounds, radicals, or ions that contain the same number of atoms of the same elements, but differ in structural arrangement and properties - simplest organic compounds; contain only carbon and hydrogen - contain only single covalent bonds - a hydrocarbon that contains double or triple bonds - an alkane molecule that has been transformed so that it contains a more reactive species or group; makes it possible for a molecule to take part in many kinds of reactions - simple molecules that are built up in polymers and plastics - compound of very high molecular weight that is built up of a large number of simple molecules Alcohols Halogens (Alkyl Halides) Ketones Aldehydes Organic Acids Ethers Esters Amines and Amides Reactions Addition Substitution Polymerization the replacement of an atom or a group
of atoms in a compound by another
atom or group a reaction in which part of a compound is added
to one end of a double or triple bond, while the
rest adds to the other end, converting it, respectivly, to a single or double bond Alkanes General Formula: CnH2n+2 Example: ethane Alkenes General Formula:

General Formula:

Example: Example: CnH2n ethene CnH2n-2 ethyne Alkynes Functional Group General Formula Example -F(fluoro-)
-I(iodo-) R-X
(X= any halogen) Functional Group General Formula Example Functional Group -OH R-OH General Formula Example O
-C- O
R-C-R' Functional Group General Formula Example O
R-C-OH Functional Group General Formula Example O
-C-H O
R-C-H Functional Group General Formula Example -O- R-O-R' Functional Group General Formula Example O
-C-O- O
R-C-O-R' Functional Groups l
-N- General Formulas Examples O
ll l
-C-NH R'
R-N-R'' O R'
ll l
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