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No description

Stephanie Roberts

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Shape

Positive Shape / Figure
A shape that appears to be on top of background shapes.
Negative Shape / Ground
A shape that seems to be underneath or surrounding a figure.
Which is the POSITIVE SHAPE, & which is the NEGATIVE SHAPE?
Which is the POSITIVE SHAPE, & which is the NEGATIVE SHAPE?
Which is the POSITIVE SHAPE, & which is the NEGATIVE SHAPE?
Organic Shape
Geometric Shape
irregular shapes, such as those found in nature
ie: leaves, stones, clouds.
shapes with regular edges, such as in man-made things EX: buildings, bridges, machines.
*things you would draw with a ruler or compass.
What is organnic?
What is geometric?
Which artwork is more Geometric?

Which artwork is more Organic?
Think. Pair. Share.
Is this artwork mostly Organic or Geometric?
Working with your table partner, view the artwork on p.63, answer the following questions.
You will each turn in YOUR OWN PAPER!!!!!

1. Describe the shapes you see. Are they geometric or organic? Explain.
2. Describe the arrangement of shapes.
3. What shapes do you see as the figure and what shapes do you see as the ground?

Exit ticket:
1. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain figure and ground.

2. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, describe the difference between organic shape & geometric shape.

2D area defined
by a line.
Has height and width.
Analyzing Shape
Draw 3 Organic Shapes.
Draw 3 Geometric Shapes
The feather in the artwork is the ________?
A. figure
B. ground
The bicycle in this artwork is the __________ shape.
A. negative
B. positive
Notan- Japanese design of dark and light shapes.
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