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Extreme Association Makeover - ASAE Fellows 2013

Presented at ASAE12, this traces the rapid evolution of a national professional association in order to remain relevant.

Erin Fuller

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Extreme Association Makeover - ASAE Fellows 2013

How Rapid Change Can Keep Your
Organization Relevant and Sustainable
ASAE Fellows Retreat June 2013 Extreme Association Makeover First rule of (good) design - form follows function.
What is the true function (purpose, mission, value, service) of your organization?
How should it be constructed for optimal, efficient and effective results?
How do you ensure you use it as an actual reference point throughout your design process? Creating the Blueprint If you knocked-down, gutted and stripped out all that wasn't truly essential - what would remain?
What elements of that community, cause, league are essential for your operations?
How do you create a structure that allows for those elements to truly support and serve as the core of your organization? What is your Foundation? What's hidden in the basement? What's collecting dust in the attic? What element gets in your way when you are trying to get something done?
This is your chance to think about traffic flow, and entertaining, and the best environment to get things done.
Everything has to be reviewed and considered - you may be surprised at what gets tossed, and what gets put in storage. Filling the Dumpster What can multi-purpose?
What is your great room - the addition that serves the largest segment of your market in a variety of ways?
How can you use the new to showcase some of the best treasures from the
past? Selecting the New What works?
What else is needed to make things work
stronger, faster, better?
What needs fixing - and who should fix it? By when?
Do people feel at home in the new digs?
Why or why not? Creating a Punchlist How do you best show off all of the new features and opportunities?
How much information is too much to process?
What is the best time and means to showcase all of the pretty? The Big Reveal Any changes?
Lessons learned?
Apologies needed?
How to assess and measure impact -
initially and moving forward. Reality Check: How Livable is it? Erin M. Fuller, FASAE, CAE
Group President, Coulter
President, Alliance for Women in Media
@allwomeninmedia Contact Info Showing our work... Other Coulter Examples... The Gracies
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