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Hitler Prezi

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James Byrne

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Hitler Prezi

"Quiet non-compliance [from the minor Nazi soldiers] was widely tolerated, but public denunciation of Nazi anti-Jewish policy was not." -ushmm.org He used the dark
side of rhetoric Hitler's Responsibility for the Holocaust Why Hitler isn't Responsible Why Hitler is
Responsible Hitler Born 1889 in Austria -Wistrich
Art school in Vienna, was not accepted
First political class introduced him to anti-Sematism -Wistrich Joined Germany's Infantry, WWI -Military Service
Blamed the Jews for Germany's loss of WWI -Wistrich
Used this as one reason to help fuel the extermination of the Jews Hitler took part in the Beer Hall Putsch, a revolt against the government -McMillan
He got arrested and put in prison where he wrote Mein Kampf -WH Textbook
He became Reich Chancellor in January, 1933 -Wistrich He used propaganda to influence and control the German citizens
His propaganda gave the German people a feeling of unity against the Jewish people -use quotes as examples He was the mastermind behind the scenes His speeches influenced the non-Jewish German people Mass Destruction of an entire culture Hitler did not kill any Jews directly Most of the horrible human experiments done to the Jews were ordered by SS officers, not Hitler -Bulow Final solution devised by top SS officers
-McFee Presented and created by: Grant, Jimmy, Paul, Jeffrey, and Mario The End Hitler's Role "Most important job" is "the destruction of the Jews"
-Stein Failure of Jewish "self deportation" forced Hitler to avert to the Final Solution The Final Solution "By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." - Hitler (qtd in Mein Kampf) Elie was engaged in a conversation with a fellow prisoner... "Don't be deluded. Hitler has made it clear that he will annihilate all Jews" - Wiesel I want to wipe out the "Jewish [from] memory"
-Wiesel Hopelessness was in the man as he described the massacre that was about to happen
-Wiesel "Every bullet that is now fired from the barrel of a police pistol is my bullet. If that is called murder, then I have committed murder, for I have ordered it all; I take the responsibility for it" -Hitler Nizkor.org -schoolworkhelper.net -en.wikipedia.org -www.calvin.edu -www.crwflags.com -www.bbc.co.uk -www.biography.com -ahitler.greyfalcon.us -www.postandcourier.com -carolynyeager.net -youtube.com “the devil in human form,”
-The Poisonous Mushroom "It will also prevent the Jewish people from trying to disintegrate and dominate other people under the mask of an innocent bourgeoisie."
-Hitler (hitler.org) Our Thought Process 20% 30% 25% ”the people persecuting, torturing and killing Jews were believing and willing executioners, in the grip of a profound anti-Semitism” -Inside the Heart of Darkness
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