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Lauren Coetzee

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Deborah Bell
'Sentinels' -2003

Materials & Techniques
-Intaglio process
(take perspex and carve into it using a sharp, fine tool. Ink up surface, rub off ink. *prints valleys
-Lino printing
(take vinyl/lino and carve into it using a sharp, fine tool. Ink up, rub off ink. *prints on high points
-ICONOGRAPHY: the study of the meaning of images in works.
-Bell has taken aspects of European gods/saints in cathedrals and taken as[ects from the Benin heads.
-Bell has used gothic imagery, guardian doorposts, veranda posts and wooden staffs as inspiration.

Elements & Principles
-vertical lines
(link earth and heaven)
(sentinels much bigger; scale the person down. Much bigger= power. Intimidating/superior/peaceful--> Neutral colours)
(calm, neutral, natural, peaceful)
(simple, 3D,human-like. Open/closed forms seem to withhold secrets and knowledge)
(walk through exhibition; invited into a conversation with the installments)
-Actual texture
(smooth pedastool)
-260cm high
-Corobrick fire light/ Topaz clay cement
-grogged (fired peices of clay) clay added to soft clay to make it more stable and strong to work with.

Slabs come out as column-like shapes before sliced into brick size peices.
-hits works with wooden paddle
*significant as Bell was building
a new home (caught in
the world of architects)
-Had poetic resinance for her as
she was building a new life with bricks and mortar.
Elements & Principles
Watchmen/ Guardians
Symbolism & Imagery
-Bell sees her work as a spiritual process.
-headresses appear similar to crowns
-pedastools make us look up to them, they appear god-like
-makes use pf sacred space (psychological space) AND real space (installations)
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