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Willhope the little fish

Determination to live!

Simon Mallia

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Willhope the little fish

This is my aquarium on the;
16th of July 2012 This is Willhope with her newly bought friends :) However Willhope kept strong
& survived the virus!! Dedicated to my determined-to-live fish :) Willhope the fish They all lived together a happy life.. ..until a virus incontaminated
the water and all the fish started to die! :s :D YOLO!! Now Willhope is the LAST fish standing in my Aquarium and she is also diagnosed with a kidney failure..HOWEVER nothing will ever make her lose HOPE..she has the biggest WILL in the world! :D.. and that was the little story of my fish Willhope, giving us a lesson how we should never LOSE HOPE in ANYTHING! :D Simon's fish 2013

PS. the fishy is actually a male!
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