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History of Phones

First project made on Prezi

Chong Kai Hern

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of History of Phones

History of Phones Introduction

Phones have been the indispensable tool for comuinication, used as early as the 1870s

The first phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, as an improvement of the telegraph. The telegraph uses the dot-and-dash-morse code, which is limited to sending one message at a time.

The first phones were unportable, watch the next slides as the phone evolve into handphones. The telephone used in the 1896s (Powered by hand cranks) 1970s The phone uses a microphone in the handset to convert the sound waves to electrical signals, which are sent through the telephone network to the other phone, where they are converted back to sound waves by an earphone in the handset. The first mobile phone. The later mobile phone by Nokia These phones also can SMS, other than calling The Smart Phone An emmergency phone powered by sound alone!!! The End
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