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The Physics of Donnie Darko

No description

Milandra Arquilevich

on 4 April 2012

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Transcript of The Physics of Donnie Darko

The Physics Behind Donnie Darko The Characters of Donnie Darko And then there's Frank: Frank is the six foot tall bunny (complete with creepy metal mask) who appears to Donnie in the beginning of the movie, telling him the world is going to end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. Throughout the movie he instructs Donnie to do things that will ultimately help prevent the end of the world. The Timeline Primary Universe: Our universe; the world we see everyday. Tangent Universe: A universe identical to ours but cannot sustain itself for very long (i.e. 28 days), and it will collapse. This collapse will create a black hole in the Primary universe that will destroy everything. How It All "Works" Artifact: the object (usually made of metal), that is an exact duplicate of something in the Primary Universe, and is evidence that a Tangent Universe has occured. Living Receiver: the person closest to the appearence of the Artifact whose task is to guide the Artifact back to the primary universe. Manipulated Living: anyone who interacts with the Living Receiver. Their job is to help that person, however, they do so subconciously. Manipulated Dead: anyone who dies within the Tangent Universe. These people act as concious guides for the Living Receiver and have complete control over time. Ensurance Trap: set by the Manipulated Dead to ensure the Living Receiver will succeed. The reason the Tangent Universe is so unstable is because there exists two of the same exact entity, the plane engine. In the beginning of the film it travels from point D to point B, causing there to be two of the same engine in the Tangent Universe. At the end, it is sent from Point C to Point A, thus stabilizing the Tangent Universe. Now Let's Talk About Time Travel Albert Einstein Stephen Hawking Brian Greene Einstein's theory of general relativity is crucial when discussing time travel because it forms the foundation for it. The theory states that gravity is caused by the mass of an object weighing down on space-time, thus distorting it and causing surrounding objects to roll around the massive one. Hawking's theory about black holes defines them as having a nearly infinite amount of mass confined to a miniscule point, thus creating such a dramatic distortion in the fabric of space-time that, theoretically, time could be manipulated. Greene's theory suggests that space is constantly tearing and repairing on microscopic levels, that could, potentially, become wormholes if two are connected. Then, taking into account the Uncertainty Principle, these wormholes can occur anywhere and allow anything or anyone to travel through them. This effect would be what we call Time Travel. In Conclusion While there are many theories on the possibility of time travel, they are all incredibly unlikely for a number reasons. For instance, in this case the linked tears would not only have to remain open long enough for a person to travel through them, but be big enough for that person to fit through them as well. That being said, Donnie Darko illustrates just how this theory would be in reality. Donnie Darko in 3 minutes, 44 seconds By Milandra Arquilevich
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