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John Cleveland Osgood

No description

Amanda Nelson

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of John Cleveland Osgood

Philiatropic Efforts
Robber Baron or Captain of Industry?
Osgood was known as a robber baron, and was one
of the 6th richest industrialists of the times.
Robber Baron
Osgood was considered a robber baron because he acquired his fortune through ruthless means.
Total Net Worth
In the town of Redstone, Colorado, Osgood built small cottage housing for workers and workers' families in the mines so that they would have reliable places to live. Along with the housing, he constructed a school, a clubhouse, a library, and a theatre.
Reasons for the
Osgood's reasoning behind building these establishments for the civilians that inhabited Redstone was to provide a nice standard of living so that the workers would continue to mine in Redstone, which made money for Osgood's company.
Estimated for 2015
Osgood's Industry
The Colorado Fuel and Iron Company
Osgood was the founder of CF&I, which relied on the mining of coal and iron in order to accumulate wealth and income. He established Redstone due to it's prime location and access to resources.
John Cleveland Osgood
Amanda Nelson
1st Period

What were his means of acquiring weath?
Osgood acquired his weath by building/ establishing a company town named Redstone, Colorado. He established this city to further his personal business ideas. Redstone was a perplexing mix of feudalism, capitalism and industrial paternalism.
He did this for his own benefit,
not for the benefit of others!
Therefore, he is considered
a robber baron.
His estimated net worth includes his stocks, properties, and other luxury goods such as yachts and private airplanes.
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