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Made with love, for you.

No description

Martina Ann

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Made with love, for you.

Everyone has a story, April 2010 When I first met you, I remember the day I sent you off at the train station, as you were heading to Berlin and I was flying home the next day, But then the time came for us to say goodbye. Eventually after several months of talking and thinking, and thinking and talking, 21st March 2011 The day finally came where we could be together in the same place, and I could hold you and kiss you and actually be with you. I had never been more excited than when I was waiting for the day of your arrival. June - July 2011 I had no idea how important you were going to become to me... There was you, the boy from Brazil And me, the girl from Singapore Among many other people from many different parts of the world... And so the journey began, in the little town of Tübingen... You were the guy who sat next to me during the orientation Beratungskurs for exchange students, and constantly asked for help with German. But that didn't last long - your German soon caught up with or maybe even overtook mine. I think my first thought when I saw you was, "Wow what long eyelashes!"
(I've always found long eyelashes attractive) We hung out with everyone else and did all sorts of things together... Cooking and eating, drinking and partying, picnics and excursions, Jasmine had sneakily taken these pictures of us being silly and having a laugh, and I only saw them much later. I thought you were a really nice guy that I could get along well with and was fun to be around(: Then there was the trip to eastern Europe, where you for some reason suddenly decided to kiss me during one of the long night bus rides... I still remember that after you kissed me, you pulled back and said,
"We weren't supposed to do that..." But anyway, I decided not to think too much about it, and things went on as usual and we both kissed our fair share of other people. (Don't think I don't know :P) Somehow along the way, we started spending a lot of time alone together grocery shopping and cooking, studying together in our own 'favela' in your room, watching movies and 'Friends' together until I even fell asleep and stayed over in your room one night, and for some reason, I have this photo of you hahahahah I was sad that we had to part because of all the awesome memories we'd made... you put your arm around me when we were on the bus and you asked me,
"What are we going to without each other?" Well,
who would have known that this was an indication of things to come... End July 2010 So you went on your way to Brussels for a second exchange and I went back to Singapore to continue with my studies... What I wasn't really expecting, I must admit, was that we would never stop talking. You would send me some really sweet messages on Facebook telling me that you miss me and were thinking about me, and we would chat on MSN and Skype for hours... As the months went by and we continued communicating, I began to find myself thinking about you and wanting to talk to you more and more... I guess you must have felt something too, and we began talking about it and figuring it out we decided that neither of us wanted to let this go without trying, and we finally decided to give it a shot... And so now, you were my boyfriend and I was your girlfriend. Yes, it was a little strange at first because we had never been a couple together and we immediately had to learn how to be a couple apart. But we quickly learnt how to deal with it, and how to make the compromises that we had to make, as well as juggle practical issues like time difference. We had an amazing month together But time passed quickly, and soon it was time for you to leave this sunny island and head back to Brazil, and we were again far apart... And I don't know how we did it, but we managed to go through another one and half years without seeing each other face to face. Sure, it was tough at times and it required commitment, trust, dedication and lots of effort from both of us at each step of the way... ...and of course, Skype, Facebook, MSN, Whatsapp, iMessage and Viber hahah December 2012 - January 2013 Finally after all that time, I flew to Brazil and we were together again and I was so incredibly happy. It wasn't because of the things we saw and the places we visited, but because of our experiences together and the time I spent with you. Most of all, I learnt so much about myself and about us about how to make things work and how I can improve or change. Also, it became clearer how much you mean to me, and how much I truly love you. I know I don't always say the right things or behave in the best way, and that I have my own faults like sometimes being impatient or not being understanding enough, but every day I'm learning and and growing, and every day I'm getting to know you better and better. I don't know how things are going to go from here, what's going to happen, ? what our journey will look like, or what the ending will be. What I do know is, that you've given me the most amazing two years since we decided to take the leap and I truly hope that our story continues for a long time more, that we will find a way somehow. Whatever you're going through,
I want to be a part of it, even the crappy and not so happy stuff. So as you turn 24 today and we continue to grow and take the next steps in our own lives, I want to wish you all the best in all you do, and I hope that I can give you all the joy you've ever given me, and more. Happy Birthday my love I hope 24 will be a much more joyful and blessed year for you. Você está pra sempre no meu coração and here's a little look at ours... (And I can't wait to kiss you again, this time with my new braces-free teeth :P ) Eu te amo, muito muito muito
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