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Cell City Analogy Project

No description

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Cell City Analogy Project

Cell City Analogy Project
Plant Cells
A Nucleus is like a City Hall for a cell because the nucleus controls all cellular activities and the city hall controls all activities in a city.

Cell Membrane
The Cell Membrane is like the Security
Gate for a cell because they are both responsible for controlling what goes in and out of the cell and the city.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like
the Highway or Subway Tunnel for a
cell because they both help transport
things to where they need to go.
Ribosomes are like the
Construction Company for a cell
because they are responsible for constructing the cell's proteins.
The Nucleolus is like the Assembly
Line for the cell because they are both responsible for organizing the
construction of the city/cell.
The Cytoplasm is like the Air or Space of
a cell because all of the cell's objects
move through the Cytoplasm, which is
also known as the Cytosol.
Mitochondria are like the Power Plants
for a cell because Mitochondria and Power Plants are both responsible for producing energy.
Chromosomes are like the Filing
Cabinets for a cell because they are responsible for storing the information needed for it to run.
Chloroplasts are like the
Restaurants of a cell because they
are both responsible for making
Lysosomes are like the City Waste
Disposal for a cell because they
contain digestive enzymes that
break down waste.
The Vacuole is like the Water Storage
Tank for a cell because it is responsible
for storing the cell's water in order for
it to maintain turgidity.
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