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Slaughterhouse Five Songs

No description

Tiare Moreno

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Slaughterhouse Five Songs

By: Tiare Moreno Slaughterhouse Five 1.Blink 182- Aliens Exist
2.Paul McCartney- Backwards Traveller
3.The All-American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
4.Foster the People-Houdini
5.Nick Lowe-So it Goes Blink182 -Aliens Exist Track List Paul McCartney - Backwards Traveller "Hey, did you know i'm always going back in time"

This ties to the book because Billy Pilgrim experiences time very differently, and instead of living it linear, he is mixed in a bag of his own life experiences. The All American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret "I'll keep you my dirty little secret."

This ties to the book because Billy Pilgrim knew about the captivity of Montana Wildhack by the aliens and said nothing. Foster the People-Houdini "Fear can make you compromise"
"Sometimes I wanna disappear"

This ties to the book because when Billy was captured by the Germans in WW2,they took his shoes and gave him a very small jacket and i believe he was too scared to complain. Also, Billy wanted to disapear like the song repeats. Nick Lowe - So it Goes "So it goes"

This is tied to the book because "So it goes" is repeated every time death is mentioned in the book, a Tralfmadorian phrase. Plus, the song is about pushing through the hard times in life which Billy goes through. THE END "My best friend thinks I'm just telling lies"

This ties to the book because when Billy Pilgrim tells his daughter of his time traveling and alien abduction experiences she challenges them as effect of his stroke.
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