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Algebra to find unknowns starter and plenary

No description

Anthony Barraclough

on 3 January 2011

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Transcript of Algebra to find unknowns starter and plenary

Getting to grips with algebra Starter 4c+3c = 7c

7a-3a = 4a

3a-7a = -4a

4b-b = 3b

3a-7a+4b-b = -4a + 3b Learning Objectives To be able to use algebra to find unknown values Shopping! For some reason you've been entrusted with the shopping!

You are given £10 and you need to buy some bread, some milk, some fruit, some vegetables and some sausages.

Work out a formula that covers all items and write it on your whiteboard. The bread and milk cost £1.23 and £0.86 respectively.

How much can you spend on sausages, fruit and vegetables?

How much are the sausages if you spend the same on fruit and vegetables?
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