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Greek Mythology

No description

gs students

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology
The Legend Of Hercules
Hercules was Zeus's last mortal son and was the only son born to a mortal woman.
How Hercules became a God
Hercules had two wives but he killed the first wife, Megara, and their children. Hercules was happy about his second wife, Deianeira, but when he was taking her home he had to cross the Evenus River. A centaur took them across but gave Hercules wife a potion she said it tasted like poison but soon fell in love with the centaur. Hercules thought it was a love potion but when he put it on his arm it burnt him and he wanted to die because it hurt so bad. So he killed him self and had a coffin made for him but as he died he became a God and wouldnt die anymore.
A statue of Hercules
Greek Mythology
Mythology is a collection of myths, especially ones belonging to a particular religious or culture tradition.
In mythology there are different stories of different greek gods and the leader of all the gods is Zeus
Hercules was the strongest mortal and stronger than many gods. He was the victory of Olympus. He was strong but lacked of wisdom and intelligences.
Hercules saved many people and killed many creatures and the creatures threatened to kill him but he killed the creatures instead.
This is a statue of Hercules in a museum and its made mostly out of Marble
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