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The Endangered White Tiger

No description

Deb Butler

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of The Endangered White Tiger

The cause for endangerment
One cause for their endangerment is because of the rarity of the white tiger happeninging in the wild. Then, because scientists have to create the new white tigers at zoos or laboratories it is known that 80% of cubs will die from this imbreeding process.
Another problem is that people hunt them for their fur, claws, teeth and body fat. Some people believe these body parts also have powers like medicine which makes people buy them and causes their numbers to go down.
Should you be killing for difference, beauty and fashion? you decide. The Endangered White Tiger The Cause Of White Tigers A baby white tiger can not be born unless the male and female tigers have the same gene of white coloring. The gene that they have to have for this coloration of white tigers is double recessive.

At the start of this presentation I asked you how would you feel if your family and friends were killed or locked up?
Or if your home was taken away from you?

This is all very sad to consider. Instead of answering these questions, why don't we stop this cruelty that has been going on for years. Make this world a better place and here are some ways you can help the White Tiger... How Can We help? The Endangered White Tiger Where they live "White tigers lived in the wild in the jungle of Mainland Southeastern Asia and in Central and Southern India".

There have been reports of people seeing the white tiger in the wild though it is thought that this is extremely unlikely. You can however see white tigers in many zoos around the world. http://www.indiantiger.org/white-tigers/endangered-white-tigerhttp://www.buzzle.com/articles/endangered-white-tiger http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_did_the_white_tiger
_first_become_endangered#ixzz2C3ROZF8r In-breeding

Because people have created this animal it has created many problems with the species such as facial deformities, brain problems, cross eyes and die prematurely.Yet some are perfect and this is why people keep creating this animal.

Is beauty enough of a reason to play around with science and creation? You decide. There are various ways that we can help save the white tiger.

Firstly, we an stop cutting down their homes {the forest} and polluting them.

Secondly, we can get scientists and zoo programs to breed more of these animals to preserve their numbers. This has to be done is a humane way.

lastly, we have to stop the people hunting their skin and body parts. With education we can teach the world more about this wonderful animal, and expose people or companies who use their body parts. How would you feel if your family and friends were killed or locked up?

Or your home taken away from you? The Population The current population of the white tiger is only 200. Scientist say that within 20 years the entire population will be gone. 1 out of 10 000 wild Bengal tigers cubs will be born white.

Because these tigers are so rare, they have become more popular as people like to see things that are beautiful and that are different.

White tigers are not safe in a normal tiger environment because of their color and they are not camouflaged. Imagine trying to blend in with colors that are orange and green and black and your fur is bright white. This causes a big risk for the white tigers that do survive though no wild white tiger to date has become an adult that scientists know of. Background Websites I used This is a graph that shows how the human population has effected any engendered species. This is a graph that shows how extinct these animal groups really are.
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