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Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 23

No description

Kevin Finisterre

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 23

with Kevin Finisterre of Pillar Technology
Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 23
You should *probably* have another battery by now...
Two gimbals have materialized!
I have a new case for the Atom
I hear there is a set of legs as well!
Multiple lengths for the legs? 4", 5" and 6"
One more of you in the air last class! (Derrek)
The remaining two are *close*! (Camilla & Russel)
Against the wind : 90 years of flight test in the Miami Valley
"We Crashed Not Because We Ran Out of Gas, but Because We Ran Out of Knowledge.".
Some of the first *upgrades* you should consider
OPLink is based on PipX radio design
Gives you constant connectivity to the GCS remotely
433mhz (technically need a HAM operator license)
Allows for changes 'on the fly'
Airbugs has both GPS & OPLink cases http://airbugz.com
GPS is only for visual display with Atom / CC3D
With Revo GPS enables navigation functionality
RTH, Position hold, etc.
IF you stay with OpenPilot, Revo is the logical next step / path
Revo adds Magnetometer and Barometer
Enables navigation (with proper config!)
AutoCruise, ReturnToBase,PositionHold, Altitude hold, etc
Future Sonar, Airspeed sensor support, etc.
Power sensor support... voltage left shown on your OSD
Only 14 sold per week... *keep* looking if you want one
Looking for the *easy* noob way out... may not be best idea.
Requires both skill, and patience.
If you can fly... go for it. If you can't, well move forward!
It is cold today, you are welcome to go outside...
Fly in the cage if you are not comfortable outside
Fly in the cage if you need practice!
Has anyone adjusted their settings yet?
10 degrees on angles? More degrees per second?
Those of you flying out of the cage, remember your spotter
Keep your eye on your surroundings
Give folks an audible heads up if flying *in* the classroom
Seriously... CHECK YOUR FAILSAFES!!!!! Try it...
Ask D-Rock what happened when we double checked his...
Any questions anyone? Ideas? Comments?
After *everyone* is flying I will move on with different content
Go Fly...
OPLink & GPS
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