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Exercises for Pregnant Women

No description

Julie Andrews

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Exercises for Pregnant Women

References 1. Crawford, Nicaela. "Third Trimester Exercises That Can Be Done at Home." Livestrong. 2011. www.livestrong.com

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7. Videos retrieved from youtube.com Julie Andrews Exercises for
Pregnant Women Second Trimester Third Trimester Jogging Weight Training Swimming Housework Dancing First Trimester Yoga Pilates Weight Training Kegel Exercises During the first trimester of pregnancy one can safely complete aerobics, yoga and relaxation techniques, kegel exercises, and weight training. (3) Walking Water Aerobics Plie Squat Labor Preparation Exercises during this trimester should focus on preparing for labor and one should avoid using heavy weights or aerobic exercises that are moderate to high in intensity. (1) Second semester one may need to shorten or simplify workouts as the belly begins to expand so be sure to listen to what the body is telling you. (3) Helps to improve birth and can be performed throughout pregnancy. (3) Improves mental and physical health. (3) Improves balance and stability as well as prevents back pain caused by weight gain during pregnancy. (3) Utilize free weights and resistance machines. (3) Prepare pelvic muscles for delivery. Perform on flat surface with few obstacles to prevent falling. (3) Perform sitting due to blood pooling in legs which could cause dizziness. (3) If one begins to get out of breath then lower the intensity. (3) Includes sweeping, vacuuming, gardening, and even mowing. (3) Anything from ballroom dancing to jazz. Just be sure to avoid back bends. (3) One of the best exercises for this trimester because water relieves strain from your belly. (2) Stretching Be sure to stretch the hip flexors, upper back and neck, lower back, and calves (2). Perform pelvic tilts and kegel exercises to relieve stress and prepare for delivery. (1) Weight Training Focus on form this trimester and do not strain your muscles. (1) Postpartum Care Aerobic Activity Abdominal Strengthening Weight Lifting Allow yourself time to recover after delivery and speak with your doctor about when you will be able to return to exercising. (6) Can begin walking as soon as you are ready but, wait to perform more intense activities until after postpartum check-up. (6) Perform pelvic tilts, deep breathing, and ankle circles to relieve backache, relaxation and enhances circulation. (6) You are more prone to back injuries after giving birth so be sure to use light weights and emphasize form. (6) Why Exercise During Pregnancy? To feel better. (4) To look better. (4) To prepare you and your body for delivery. (4) To regain pre-pregnancy body more quickly. (4)
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