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How To Create A Stellar Linkedin Profile

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fiji woodsey

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of How To Create A Stellar Linkedin Profile

How to Make a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

Amrik Johal, M.A.

The Basics
Profile Photo:
Use a professional headshot.

This is your personal slogan or tagline.
- Use industry keywords.

What do you intend to do and where?
- This will help you show up in recruitment searches.

Profile URL:
Customize your URL with your name.
- Use this on your resume, email signature and to send to others.
The Summary
Skills and Expertise
This is a keyword and phrase hotspot for a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn also allows users to “endorse” skills listed in a fellow member’s profile.

Input at least 10 skills in this section to fill the list and so others can endorse thoroughly! To get endorsements, consider giving some (honestly!) first!
Why be "LinkedIn?"
1. Create a professionally-oriented presence online.
- LinkedIn the world's largest professional social network.
- Create a personal brand.

2. Connect with people, opportunities and organizations.
- Your existing social network may be an untapped resource.
- Get introduced to the right person to contact at your employer of choice.

3. Learn about trending news in an industry or field.
You have a blank canvas with which to describe yourself.
The best summaries describe a person’s interests (professional & personal)
Write in small chunks, use bulleted lists whenever possible, and avoid long paragraphs.
To draw a comparison, it may help to think of the summary like a cover letter.

Adapted from NACE & LinkedIn
Experience, Organizations, Volunteer Experience & Causes
Consider including things like: internships, part-time jobs, student club and organizational
involvement, and volunteer experience inside and outside of UCLA.
Status Updates
This function is meant for users to share thoughts, questions, or ideas with members of their network. People in your network will get an email when you update your status.

- Questions about your field of interest.

- An interesting article that you have stumbled across.

- An update on an academic achievement, project, or paper.

- A success story from an internship or job.

- A blog post that you have written or other content that you have created and added to the Internet.
This is one of the
most important
components of your profile.
Connecting Professionally
Being active on LinkedIn is critical to getting recognized, learning about a field of interest, and establishing an online identity.
LinkedIn Groups
Join groups based on your affiliation, interests, profession and identity.
Begin with groups at UCLA (for example, the UCLA LinkedIn Group).

Look at the groups that your connections are part of. Are there any that interest you too?

Use the search function!

Upcoming Events:

Engineering & Technical Fair
Wednesday and Thursday (11am-3pm) @ Ackerman Grand Ballroom

Career Discovery Series (Feb 10 - 24th) @ Career Center 3rd Floor

OCR Orientations (Room 200 - here): 1/23, 1/26, 1/28, 2/3, 2/5, 2/9, 2/12, 2/17, 2/18, 2/23, 2/27

#HireUCLA #BRUINternships


1. Why be LinkedIn?
2. The Basics
3. The Summary
4. Skills and Expertise
5. Experience
6. Connecting
7. Status Updates
8. LinkedIn Groups
9. Questions?
10. Upcoming Events

501 Westwood Plaza (at Strathmore), Floors Two and Three
Phone: 310.206.1915
Monday through Friday - 9am to 5pm

Last Minute Tips:
1. Input your website/blog links
2. Add LinkedIn badge to your websites/blogs/emails
3. Search for key terms you want to 'get connected' through
4. Show work samples
5. Bullets & Skills
6. Add, Remove, Re-arrange as you see fit
7. Use the LinkedIn Job Board
8. Get Recommendations!
Send a customized message with your connection request.
Connect with at least 50 people to make the web of contacts work well!
Connect only with people that you know!
This includes: family members, friends, professors, advisers, other students from class, internship/job supervisors and co-workers.
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