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Ancient Rome

No description

Lina Lin

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome The Roman Legion How it all started-Marius Rome started with no army About 100 B.C. the Roman general and consul Gaius Marius decided to have an actual army Unit Structure Legion – 10 Cohort (4800 legionaries) A legion consisted of a few parts: Contubernium – 8 legionaries Century – 10 Contubernium (80 legionaries) Cohort - 6 centuries (480 legionaries) Organization The Roman army, they fought in 3 separate lines, based on their age and experience. Principles Triari Hastal Armour/Weapons Training First century Jewish general and historian Flavius Josephus described the training of Rome legion as bloodless battles and their actual battles as bloody drills. “Every solider is exercised every day,” he said, “which is why they bear the fatigue of battles so easily” Status of Women Status Women weren’t really considered citizens of Rome The Guardian and Every woman had a male guardian Marriage Marriage was one of the most important events in a Roman women’s life. Household Chores Taking care of the family and doing chores at home took up most of a Roman women’s time. Sweeping and Polishing Lightning Washing Spinning and Weaving Source: Macdonald F. Women in Ancient Rome Source: Macdonald F. Women in Ancient Rome http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e9/Marius_Glyptothek_Munich_319.jpg/220px-Marius_Glyptothek_Munich_319.jpg Source: Goldsworthy, A. Roman Warefare THE ROMAN LEGION
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