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Great Depression and Recession

No description

ariel sanders

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression and Recession

The Great Depression and Recession What were the major causes of the Great Depression? 1.Stock Market Crash of 1929
2.Back Failures
3.Reduction in purchasing across the board
4.American Economics policy with Europe
5.Drought conditions What have been views as the major causes of the Great Depression? Finances, banks took on excessive risk. In what ways are these two crises the same? -Bank failures financial crisis
-Changes in Prices/Economics decline Who were the leaders of our country during these times and what steps did the take to prevent these crisis? What steps did they take to help "fix the economy" During the Depression it was Hoover and Roosevelt and how it was Bush and Obama. Why is the Recession happening? 1. There is a huge national dept, the government to other countries
2.The government spent 3 trillions in 2 consecutive wars in Afganistan and iraq for no reason
3.Them U.S. people themselves are in debt to banks inform of massive personal loans, credit cards, and mortage.
4.Banks were giving big mortage loans.
5.Banks giving their staff enormous amounts of money.
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