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World History Textbook Scavenger Hunt 8/6

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of World History Textbook Scavenger Hunt 8/6

Welcome to
Mrs. Westendorf's
World History Class

All about Westendorf
15th year of teaching (11 years in Middle School and 3 at High School)
Thirty-eight years old
Married for ten years
Mother of a seven year old girl (Savannah) and a four year old son (Scotty)
Grew up in San Bernardino and Rialto
I live in Hesperia
I love to dance, cook, eat, laugh, and spend time with my family.
I teach Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness
Respect is my most important rule. Have respect for people around you, even if they aren't your friends. Have respect for your teachers, they WANT to help you.
Course Description
In this class we will study major events that shaped the world during the eighteenth century to the present day. We will begin the year by looking at governments and religions of ancient civilizations and the Middle Ages to understand the basis of modern governmental ideas, how countries have developed, and why some countries have create alliances that have created world changing problems.
The Rise of Democratic Ideas
The Industrial Revolution
Imperialism and Colonialism
World War I and Its Consequences
Totalitarianism in the Modern World
World War II: Its Causes and Consequences
The Cold War
The Rise of Nationalism
Unresolved Problems in the Contemporary World

Course Overview
1. Be prompt
2. Be polite
3. Be prepared
4. Be productive
5. Be proficient

1. Be on time to class
2. Turn in all work on time
3. Do your own work
4. Come with all required materials
5. Use restroom before or after class
6. Pay attention in class
7. Ask permission before speaking
or getting up
8. Take turns speaking
9. Use class time productively.
10. Keep all property clean and tidy
11. Phones and Ipods away!!!
12. Keep the food and drinks away!!!
1. Teacher warning
2. Teacher conference
3. Phone call home
4. Parent conference
5. Referral
6. Administrative intervention

In or out of the classroom on anything that has a point value attached to it.
1st: Negative 100% (which will not be dropped in the case of an exam) on whatever was cheated on.
He/she may also be suspended from class pending a parent conference.
2nd: will result in another parent conference and a negative 200% on whatever was cheated on.
Any further offenses will result in even more serious negative consequences.
Grading Scale

90%–100% A - Tests 30%
80%–89% B - Essays/Projects 30%
70%–79% C - Quizes/Classwork/
60%–69% D Homework
0%–59% F 40%
The instructor reserves the sole and complete right to modify this syllabus at any time and in anyway she sees fit
Why do we
study history?
The BIG 7
1. Tardy
2. Pencil Sharpening
3. Entering the classroom
4. Exiting the classroom
5. Door
6. Pencils and Paper
7. Turning in work
8. Quizzes
1. Be on Time
2. Be Respectful
3. Stay on Task
4. Stay in your seat
5. Electronic Devices away, unless given specific instruction to use it
6. Food, drinks away
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