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Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Reading For Character

Camille Williams

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Dr. Jekyll Reading for Character Chpt.3 Jekyll was Quite at Ease Chpt.5 Incident of the Letter Quick Overview How Jekyll feels about Hyde What Utterson Thinks.... What Utterson Thinks... Chpt. 2 Search for Mr. Hyde In this chapter Dr.Jekyll is not yet present but is mentioned and talked about by his old friend Mr. Utterson. Mr Utterson explains how he hasn't talk to Dr. Jekyll in over ten years, possibly due to his mischievous and schizophrenic behavior.

"But it is more than ten years since Henry Jekyll became to fanciful for me."

"He began to go wrong, wrong in the mind"
-Utterson recognizes that there is something wrong with his old friend Dr.Jekyll. He saw a change in his behavior. Jekyll didn't invite friends over anymore and became very secluded, Utterson soon began to worry about his friend. "Poor Harry Jekyll...he is in deep waters!"
-After talking to Poole (Jekyll's butler) he discovers some interesting information about Hyde. This information makes Utterson cringe at the thought that this Mr.Hyde has some kind of control on Dr. Jekyll. His idea that Mr. Hyde is black mailing Dr. Jekyll is weighing heavy on his mind now. In this chapter Dr. Jekyll threw a dinner party for a couple of his honorable friends. Utterson stays behind to talk to Jekyll and his will. Utterson thinks its repulsive that Jekyll is planning to leave so much of his fortune behind to this mysterious and rude fellow (Hyde). Jekyll assures him that this decision is final and he doesn't want to discuss it. "The large handsome face...grew pale...blackness came about his eyes."
-Dr.Jekyll didn't care to listen to what Mr.Utterson had to say about his new found friend Hyde. Talking about "his friend" Mr.Hyde made Dr.Jekyll uneasy. He assured Utterson that if he wanted to stop affiliating with Hyde he could very well do so. However, Jekyll likes Hyde. He likes his evil intentions.

"The moment i choose, I can be rid of Hyde."
"I have really a great interest in poor Hyde." Dr. Jekyll tries to reassure Utterson that although they dont have to be friends, it is his dying wish that he takes care of this will so that if anything is to happen to him Hyde will have his fortune. Utterson doesnt like Hyde at all. In chapter five Jekyll gives a letter to Utterson, which was supposedly written by Mr.Hyde himself. Dr. Jekyll swears that he will have nothing to do with Mr.Hyde again. Jekyll wants to be done with his evil other half Hyde. He does his best to convince Utterson that he care no more about Hyde or what happens to him. After speaking with Poole about the alleged messenger Utterson decided to take the letter to his friend Guest (a handwriting expert). While Utterson was there an invitation from Dr. Jekyll was delivered to Mr. Guest. Analyzing the invitation Mr. Guest realized that the letter was not written by Mr. Hyde but written by Dr. Jekyll. "I can't pretend that i...like him." Dr.Jekyll is very curious and intrigued by Hyde's wrong doing. Because Dr. Jekyll is such a "clean-cut" and intelligent guy having interest in Hyde adds excitement into his life. "I fear he was rude. But i do sincerely take a great...interest in that one man" -Dr.Jekyll "I swear to God I will never set eyes on him again." -Dr.Jekyll Utterson takes the letter to a "handwriting expert", who happens to be his close friend, Guest. As they are viewing the letter an invitation arrives from Jekyll himself. Guest points out that the letter was in fact not written by Hyde but by Dr. Jekyll. "I cannot say that I care what becomes of Hyde." -Dr.Jekyll Dr.Jekyll is a liar. * He tells Utterson the envelop with the postage for the letter was burned.
* He tells Utterson the letter was handed in. Poole reassures Utterson that no mail had come not by post. "But Poole was positive nothing had come except by post," "there's a rather singular resemblance..many points are identical: only differently sloped" -Mr.Guest "Henry Jekyll forge for a murderer!" -Utterson Chpt.6 Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon Quick Overview In this chapter Dr.Jekyll is able to conceal Hyde, but only for a short period of time. Jekyll had began to host his small parties again. The happy Dr. Jekyll was only short lived. "On the 8th...Utterson had dined at the doctor's small party...on the 12th, and again on the 14th, the door was shut against the lawyer" Utterson tries to talk to Lanyon (who has also grown ill) about Jekyll's recent disappearence, when Lanyon admits to Utterson that Dr.Jekyll and himself are no longer friends. Dr. Jekyll was once again battling Mr.Hyde and secluding himself from his friend "He will not see me." -Mr.Utterson In Dr. Jekyll's letter Utterson read that Jekyll was indeed in deep, something terrible was happening to him, but he wanted Utterson to respect his silence and the fact that his door was shut to him. "I have brought on myself...danger that i cannot name" -Dr.Jekyll "If I am the chief of sinners, I am the chief of sufferers also." -Dr.Jekyll Chpt.7 Incident at the Window Quick Overview In chapter seven Utterson is on his usual Sunday walk with Einfield. They enter a courtyard where Utterson catches sight of Dr.Jekyll. The two old friends exchange a few words before Jekyll transforms to Hyde and slams the window shut. Jekyll knows he is growing weak and Hyde is slowly gaining power over his body "I am low...very low. It will not last long, thank God." -Dr. Jekyll Utterson and Einfield saw Jekyll's transformation. They walked away from Jekyll's window in terror and silence. "They were both pale; and there was an aswering horror in their eyes Dr.Jekyll transforms to Hyde right in front of Utterson and Einfield "the words were hardly uttered before the smile was struck out of his face...instantly the window thrust down..." Chpt.9 Dr.Lanyon's Narrative Chpt.8 The Last Night Chpt.10 Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case Quick Overview In this chapter Poole arrives at Utterson's house very distraught. He fears something is terribly wrong Dr.Jekyll. Poole insist the voice coming from the laboratory is not Dr.Jekyll's "Have i been twenty years in this house, to be decieved about his voice? No," Poole talks about the orders given to him by the mysterious creature in the room to get various chemicals. Also featured in this chapter, Poole and Utterson break into the laboratory where they find Hyde dead and and letter from Jekyll naming Utterson the heir of his forchion. Poole describes Jekyll: "My master is a tall, fine build of a man..." Dr. Jekyll was not happy with his reputable self. In the letter he left for Utterson he signed it... "Your unworthy and unhappy friend,
"HENRY JEKYLL." This chapter is simply Layon's story of the task Dr.Jekyll asked him to perform. What Lanyon Thinks... Lanyon thinks that Jekyll has gone completely insane "I made sure my colleague was insane" -Lanyon Lanyon was completely terrified by the transformation from Hyde to Dr. Jekyll. The thought of their change still puts fear in his mind. "I can not...dwell on it without a start of horror" -Lanyon Jekyll's Letter... Reading Jekyll's letter a sense of genuineness was perceived. Dr.Jekyll is nice man, and he doesn't let his differences or the lack of communication (even for months at a time) with his old friends taint his character. Jekyll expressed to Lanyon that no matter what the past has to show about their friendship that his affection for him has never changed. "we may have differed..i can not remember...any break in our affection." "There was never a day when...I would not sacrifice my left hand to help you" -Dr.Jekyll What Jekyll thought of himself... Dr. Jekyll viewed himself as imperfect. He felt as if he was stuck with being Jykell, he didn't like it. Transforming to Hyde gave him liveliness he never felt before and he loved it. "It seemed natural...to bore a livelier image of the spirit...more expressed...than the imperfect and divided countenance I had been hitherto accustomed to call mine." -Dr.Jekyll Although Jekyll secretly enjoyed his purely evil alter ego he was often frightened by the deeds Hyde had accomplished. "Henry Jekyll stood at times in aghast before the acts of Edward Hyde" After dealing with the springing up of Hyde, and the terror he installed in everyone, Jekyll wanted nothing to do with him. Hyde even put fear in Jekyll. He haunted him in his sleep and his conscience. But at this point Jekyll was at the point of no return. Jekyll's curiosity back fired him with inevitably ended in the death of both him and Mr.Hyde. "It was not longer the fear of gallows; it was the horror of being Hyde that racked me." "I still hated and feared the thought of the brute that slept within me..." Camille Williams
Mrs.Baran 6th period
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