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Revolutionary War - A Timeline

February 2013

Ashley Tran

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Revolutionary War - A Timeline

The Revolutionary War By: Ashley Tran Stolte Proclamation of 1763 The proclamation of 1763 is when the colonists could not go past the Appalachian mountains. The cause is the war. The effect was it made the colonist's angry and the king was in debt. The Sugar Act The sugar act was in 1764. It was when the king taxed the colonists on sugar. The cause was the king was raising money for England. The effect was it made the colonists angry, and the Boston Boycott. The Stamp Act The stamp act was in 1765. It was when the king made the colonists pay a tax on every piece of printed paper. The cause was to raise money for 10,000 soldier in frontier. The effect was the Sons of Liberty started The Stamp Act Congess. 1760 King George III 1765 King George III was born in London in 1738. His father died when he was twelve. In 1760 George took his grandfathers (George II) spot as king. He was the ruler of England from 1760 - 1820. Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was in 1770. It was the first bloodshed of conflict. 5 colonists died. The cause was there was tension between soldiers and colonists. The effect was strengthening of the colonies. s 1770 Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was in 1773. It was when the colonists dumped 342 containers of tea into the Boston Harbor. The cause was the tea act. It effect was the Intolerable Acts. Tea Act The Tea Act was in 1773. It was when the colonists could only buy tea from the British East India Company. The cause was king was trying to raise money and to control the colonists. The effect was the Boston Tea Party. Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was in 1776. It was when a letter was sent from the colonies to the king. The cause was the kings mistreatment of the colonies. The effect was the revolutionary war. 1775 Treaty of Paris The Treaty of Paris was in 1783. The Treaty of Paris was in France. It was when the king of England gave America its Independence. simi,ashley, macy John Hancock John Hancock was born in 1737. He was the leader of Sons of Liberty. He died in 1793. He died when he was 56. George Washington George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. He was the commander in chief of the confidential term. George Washington also the first president. He died in 1799. He was 67 when he died. Deborah Sampson Deborah Sampson was born in 1760. She dressed as a man in order to serve in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. She died in 1827. She was 66 when she died. Sybil Ludington Sybil was born in 1761. At 16 years old in 1777 she warned the colonists that the british were coming. She died in 1839 at the age of 77. Battle of long Island The Battle of long island was in 1776. It was in New York. It was the first battle after the Declaration of Independence. The british won. Battle of Monmouth Battle of Cowpens The battle of Cowpens was in 1781. It was in South Carolina. It was a turning point for Americans winning in the South. Americans won. Battle of Yorktown The battle of Yorktown was in 1781. It was in Virginia. It was the last major battle and it ended the war. American's won. Battle of Saratoga Battle of Saratoga was in 1777. It was in New York. It was a major victory for America. They got support from France. It was a turning point in the war. The Americans won 1780 The battle of Monmouth was in 1778. It was in New Jersey. The renewed confidence in Washington's army. It was one of the largest single battles. Some say they tied, Americans say they won, British say the won. 1785 ee
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