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The Exit Ticket

Exit tickets are student responses to questions teachers pose at the end of a class or lesson.

Emily Maldonado

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Exit Ticket

The Exit Ticket What is an Exit Ticket? Ways to use an Exit Ticket... Sample Exit Ticket Questions There are three types of exit tickets An exit ticket is a single question or short sequence of problems at the close of class that students answer.

It can be related to an essential question from the unit or target the big idea of that particular lesson. • Student can physically hand in an answer on a post it or index card allowing teacher to determine mastery. By holding up slates or boards students can answer short questions that instantly give feedback. •Drawings, sketches, words and models are useful for different content and grade levels
(i.e. Art, Science, Pre-K, & SPED) • Prompts that document learning:
-Write one thing you learned today. (elementary)
-Discuss how _____________ could be used in the real world. (middle grades) • Prompts that emphasize the learning process:
-I didn't understand…
-Write one question you have about today's lesson. • Prompts to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction:
-What did you enjoy about today's lesson or what would you have changed? Why use exit tickets? Helps measure effectiveness of a lesson's delivery based on what the students learned.
Allows teacher to collect data easily
Aides in preparing for future lessons
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