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brd shn

on 2 July 2013

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Mavi Jeans Highlights
Lead from Turkey
Denim & non-denim men, women casual
Run by Mavi-Turkey, with legal entities in USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia
More than 3000 employees, national and international, average age of 28 years
4000 stores in 50 countries.
85 stores in Turkey
Denim unit sales more than 5,5 million per year, more than half in exports,90% to USA.
300.000.000 dollar, 2013 January, 30% growth annually

In 1971, Guven textile has been established in Istanbul , Turkey.

In 1984, Erak, subsidiary company has been established for jeans production for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Ralph Lauren.

In 1991, Erak decided to open its own brand, Mavi jeans,jeans wear company. Mavi means Blue in Turkish.

In 1996, Mavi North America was established to enter USA and Canada market.

The idea of opening a store in Barcelona for Mavi Jeans is a rationale idea to be practically implemented by using a marketing method.
•Creating and developing a marketing plan for the new store of Mavi Jeans to be opened in Barcelona, aligned with the company strategy and Barcelona market.

•Defining the objectives to implement the marketing plan by explaining reasons to develop a store in Barcelona for Mavi Jeans.

A. Barcelona Market
B.Mavi Jeans Market
C.Reasons for opening the store
D.Marketing Mix Strategies
Young and dynamic population
Strategic Geographic Location
Center of a dynamic economic area
Strong Purchasing Power
Globally positioning
Market segmentation
Segment size
In Catalonia there are more than 5293 companies in the sector that employ a total of 105,000 people, counting the employment of workers in the fashion trade.
Mavi Jeans Market Environment
Company s products
Clothing : denim clothes including tshirt, pants, jackets, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses..etc. for men and women.

Target market
Geographic: Major part of customers is from Turkey, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf
Demographic: Teenagers’ girls, Teenagers’ boys, women, men
Socio Economic: middle class people

Market Size
Growth potential
Reasons for Mavi Jeans to Develop a Store in Barcelona
Organizational Culture Fits
Mediterranean Vision Fits
Differentiation Strategy Fits
Financial Adventage
Mavi Jeans have chains in US, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Russia but not Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona is the seventh most important fashion capital in the world
Mavi's philosophy is to build a brand around perfect fitting jeans that convey a Mediterranean feeling in terms of fashion and detail.
Barcelona could be considered the emergent “catwalk” of the Mediterranean, challenging other fashion capitals of Europe like Milan and Paris.
Mavi creates unique products in terms of quality and fit.
Brand strategy as 'perfect fit': Mavi fits my world – my lifestyle, my body, and my wallet
Today Mavi is a $ 300.000.000 revenue company. Mavi jeans has enough revenue to develop a store in Barcelona.
Marketing Mix Strategies
Product Strategy
Location Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Plan of Store
Mavi became to third largest franchise business in Turkey in 2010. In future years, it will continue with the existing franchise and retail business mix.

Mavi will use franchising strategy for the store in Barcelona since the company uses it as a strategy internationally and locally.

Also, it will be easier to work with a franchiser who knows the culture of Barcelona.
Mavi Jeans has a transportation team which is responsible for replacing the products finished in stores. This team will be responsible to follow up Barcelona store.

Mavi will achieve logistics to barcelona Store by UPS and Schenker.

Mavi is using Nebim-Winner programme to follow up the stores and customers in all over the world.When a product finishes in one store in any place over the world, Mavi replaces with the new order maximum in 2 days.
Free flow layout: for customers will move from the front of the store to the back of the store to browse products and pay for purchases without encountering obstacles.
4 sense organs will be used to attract customers:



Action Plan
Not only young and dynamic population structure, but also consisting of foreign population in terms of international profile of the city, is an advantage for Mavi Jeans. Mavi jeans target market is between ages 14-60, Barcelona carries the potential customers for Mavi jeans store.
Geographic location of Barcelona is strategic for Mavi and is advantage in terms of easy logistics to Mediterranean area and following and attending trade fairs occurring in the city. Also, it is close to France which could be another market for Mavi to touch even much more customers.
Barcelona is economically a big power in EU, which Mavi should consider and takes its advantage for its own brand. First of all, government is supporting all foreign investments to the city and the city includes lots global trade companies that Mavi also will be connected.
Purchasing power of local people in Barcelona is high level around EU and will give an advantage to Mavi Jeans to sell its products to its target market. People are wealthy enough, as shown in above, to purchase the middle level clothing products.
Mavi jeans globalization strategy fits Barcelona, since also the city supports and is open to global investments and also consists a lot of foreign connection in global market by including international companies. Of note is the fact that since 2006, the number of foreign
companies established in the Barcelona area has grown by 13%, numbering 3,381 in 2010.( Foreign Investments Strategy of Catalonia Government report)
Segment growth
It was observed that the most dynamic and profitable companies in recent years had been those that controlled the distribution channel

The brand, of both product and distribution, had become a key factor in competitiveness, and companies with a “brand-orientated” strategy were tending towards integrating distribution in order to obtain its margin
Segment profitability
According to ESTACOM, from January to July 2012, fashion made in Spain saw € 6.16 billion in turnover from abroad, 15.76% more than the same period the year before.
leading brand in Turkey since the last 16 years with 11% market share
4000 specialty stores, better department stores and specialty chains in 50 countries including the US, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Russia
285 retail stores with flagships in New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf

The impressive growth achieved by Mavi is due to a number of factors, including very effective marketing and a labor cost advantage compared to European and American competitors. They have grown despite competition from low labor cost textile producing countries such as Mexico, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam.
For European markets, in past 2 years Mavi experienced 50% growth, led by Germany, which is quite significant.
to select the best suitable products for Barcelona customers, based on their needs and tastes and based on the fashion changing trends.
Denim& Accessories
age range 16-65 male, females
perfect fit strategy
Mediterranean feeling in terms of fashion and detail
most central part of Barcelona, in Plaza Catalunya, Paseig de Gracia
a popular transportation center
the most visited area by tourists and local people
Social media
Personal Selling
Communication Strategy
Campaign Strategies
It is too much in 1998
Denim Kitchen-We cook the best denim
Family & Friends
Guerilla Marketing, graffitis, stickers..etc.
prices slightly lower than Levis, Diesel..etc. to gain the market
In conclusion, Mavi Jeans is a global brand that can invest for a store opening in Barcelona by creating and implementing a realistic marketing strategy to be able to enter to the local Barcelona target market.
1.Mavi jeans
a. History
4.Marketing Plan
a. Barcelona Market
b.Mavi Jeans Market
c. Reasons for opening a store
d. Marketing Mix Strategies

.Product strategy
.Location strategy
.Promotion strategy
5.Action Plan
6.Planing of store
7.Financial Plan
8. Conclusion
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