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Tennis presentation

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Tim rzesacz

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Tennis presentation

Tennis Part 1-How I like Tennis Tennis is a famous sport and I like it because
tennis can be played in two different ways. Tennis can be played in singles, which is one on one, or in doubles, which is two on two. The scoring: The scoring is easy. 1 game is played by
15s, 30s and 40s. The server's score is to be said first.
So for example, the server is winning 3-2, It means that the score is 40-30. Basically, 1 means 15, 2 means 30 and 3 means 40. When it reaches 40-40, it means that you either play a sudden death or a deuce. During a sudden death, it means that the player who wins the next point is the winner of the game. A deuce is where there are advantages, when you win one point when it is 40-40, and then lose the next means it is still 40-40. Some of my favourite players are: (excluding women) Rafael Nadal, seeded '4' Roger Federer, seeded '1' and Andy Murray, seeded '3' Part 2- My Tennis experience I won this trophy at the Tanglin Club this year as the first place of the under 12s. My trophies I won this trophy also at the Tanglin Club
last year as a runner -up. I won this trophy also at the Tanglin Club last year
as an overall champion. I won this trophy at the KLM JTTL tournament last year
as the runner-up in the under 12B. I have also been playing specs and from last
year and before, I have only made it to 1st or 2nd round
during singles or doubles. But this year, I made it to 4th and 3rd round and my seed is now 30 for singles and 30 for doubles. Thank you for watching.
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