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History Of JDM "Japanese Domestic Market"

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wesley rafter

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of History Of JDM "Japanese Domestic Market"

History Of JDM "Japanese Domestic Market"
The Civic is loved among JDM car enthusiats for its ability to be modified for speed and performance. The b20 engine is well known for this, and below Is an example of a tuned civic with a b20 engine, witha 2-step syestm.
-The real JDM car scene was all about performance and racing. The favourite spot for JDM racers to race in osaka was on a long, curvy highway called the "Konjo". In the 90's it wasnt uncommon to see races with 20-30 cars all racing at high speeds cutting in and out of traffic.

-Another JdM favourite is Honda's "Acura" car brand. The Acura Integra which is avery common carwe see today is well known in the JDM scene because it can fit almost all Hondas performance engines.

-Something else Honda has done is the Honda automobile Type R which are models that are special performance editions of their respective model families.The design of Type R models was originally focused on race conditions, with an emphasis on minimizing weight, and maximizing performance potential (ex: engine tuning, suspension set-up). Type R models were first conceived for racetracks. However, due to Honda's increased focus on their highly regarded VTEC engines, the Type R was eventually designed for a much wider market.

Type R vehicles traditionally have a red Honda badge and Championship White paint as an option, as a tribute to their first winning F1 car
This is an example of the modern JDM style of a Nissan 240sx in action
History of JDM

Definition:JDM is an acronym and stands for Japanese Domestic Market,this catagorizes all vehicles made in japan to japanese road regulations

However, that is the literal meaning of JDM. The other meaning of JDM is talking about the modifcations one makes to their usdm version of their japanese car. To have a JDM whip you either must have the car imported straight from japan, or what most people do is find a clean usdm model of the japanese car and try to replicate the different look, and different parts on the japanese car. To replicate and make your car JDM you must buy only parts from japan. Another thing is, a real JDM car doesnt have tacky Non-Performance related parts, all JDM cars go by the Moto "Function over Form". Now that just means they prefer to have all functioning parts on their car rather than something for looks. Now that I have explained what JDM is, I can get to the History.
Jdm Style started in japan, specifically Osaka. The JDM car scene got really big in the 90's. The favourite amoung most JDM car enthusiasts is the Honda civic. The civic is so popular because its very easy to modify.

Honda motor.co developed many motors but amoung the most popular was the b-series.The B-series are a family of inline four-cylinder DOHC automotive engines introduced by Honda in 1989. the B-series were aimed more as a performance option, featuring dual-overhead cams along with the first application of Honda's VTEC system available in some models.he B-series, and the B20Bis not to be confused with the earlier Honda B20A engine introduced in 1985 and primarily available in the Honda Prelude 2.0Si,1986-1989 Honda Vigor and Accord.

Amoung another JDM favourite is the K-series.The Honda K series engine is a four-cylinder four-stroke engine introduced in 2001. The K series engines are equipped with DOHC valvetrains and use roller rockers to reduce friction.
This is a video of the illegal street racing that happens on the "Konjo". The video shows the percision driving skills they aquire over the years of doing this.
Other JDM car brands
-Nowadays the JDM car scene is more about Drifting. Drifting is when you lock up the rear wheels, throwing out your back end then turning you sideways, then giving the car alot of gas to keep the wheels from gaining traction and you have a drift.

- One of the most popular companies that produces excellent JDM drift cars is Nissan. More specifically the SX series. This includes: the 180sx, 240sx. The 240sx depending on your model year will either be a 240sx silvia s13, 240sx silvia s14, and the 240sx silvia s15. Now all these cars are perfecr drift cars because they come Turboed, or they can easily be Turbocharged. They are rwd which a drift car needs to be.

- Nissans 240sx series features a SR20DET which runs around 200 Horsepower stock. Although on all the stock internals if you choose to turbo your engine you can be running around 350 Horsepower with larger Injectors and if its Tuned right.Giving you a crazy SKid car.
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