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CCT Portfolio

No description

Monroe R.

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of CCT Portfolio

by Monroe R. CCT Portfolio Business Basics Computer Basics Photoshop & Mac Pages Desktop Publishing Programming Journalism 3D Design and Animation Google Sketchup Alice 3 http://86646441.nhd.weebly.com/index.html Click here to see my complete National History Day project! Click here for a virtual tour of my Sketchup House! Click here to watch my alice 3 video! Computer Hardware System Unit Rectangular box with components that process information

Microprocessor: "Brain" of computer

Cables from all other parts of computer plug into ports in back of system unit Storage Disk Drives Hard disk drives: store huge amounts of information, so they are the main source of storage.

CD Drives: Get information from CD's, and can put information onto CD's Mouse Selects information on
computer screen Keyboard Used to type text
onto computer
screen Monitor Displays information
with words and
pictures Two types of monitors:

LCD monitors are lighter
and thinner

CRT monitors are more
affordable Printers Inkjet printers can print in
black and white or full

Laser printers are better for
heavy use Modem Needed in order to connect
computer to the internet

Sends and receives information
over a cable http://tjcctportfolio.weebly.com/business-basics.html Click on the link in order to see my business basics section of my portfolio! http://tjcctportfolio.weebly.com/desktop-publishing--graphic-design.html Click on the link in order to see how i made these pictures, and to see my poster in Mac Pages! To see my typing skills, go to: http://tjcctportfolio.weebly.com Internet Navigation I used the internet to research computer hardware for this portfolio. It shows proficiency because I found reliable information which I then used to create a presentation. This photoshop started out as a picture of a coral reef. I made it black and white so that the pictures that I put into it would stand out. Then I added two pictures of Ariel and Flounder. This shows proficiency in the journalism category because I used research and sources, and combined them into one informative project using media. This shows proficiency because I used different colors, shapes , and tools to make a 3D model. Website Creation and Design I made a website demonstrating my proficiency in different categories, including website creation and design. This shows proficiency in website creation and design because I made a functioning website with text, shapes, pictures, and videos. Multimedia http://tjcctportfolio.weebly.com Click here for the multimedia portion of my portfolio! Another way to view my journalism is through this link: http://tjcctportfolio.weebly.com/jounalism.html This shows proficiency because I used Alice to create a short video using programming. Scratch To see my Scratch project, go to: http://tjcctportfolio.weebly.com/programming.html
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