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Curriculum Vitae

No description

Ivy Huynh

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
Other training courses outside your current curriculum in University
Vietnamese (1st language) : Fluent
Computer literacy
My work experience
Employer : PhuocLong Investment Joint Stock Company
Main duties
Management all tasks related to sales, planning, Import & Export, quality control and warehouse teams in the Planning and Sales Department.
As a plan management
Make a production planning of factories (month, quarter, year)
Nothing is impossible!
Curriculum Vitae
Name : Huynh Ngoc Kim Xuan
I'm a skilled and dedicated employee with several years of experience in professional environments
Name : Huynh Ngoc Kim Xuan (Ivy)
Gender : Female
Status : Single
Nationality : Vietnamese
Status : Single
Email contact :
Personal motto : Nothing is impossible
Cellphone :
Academic performance
The University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Date attended : 2004 - 2007
Degree obtained : Master of Business Administration
Organizer : PACE Institute of Management
Time : From January to June 2010
Course title : Chief Customer Officer (CCO)
Degree : Certificate
Crash course on Creativity
Technology Entrepreneurship
Creativity Music to My Ears
DQ 101 : Introduction to Decision Quality
Lead like an Entrepreneur
English (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing): Fluent
Power Point
Presentation Pro
Social Network
Position held : Manager of Planning and Sales Department
Working period : > 10 years
Main activities : manufacturer and trader fabrics such as woven and knit fabrics from polyester to cotton, T/C, CVC, nylon yarns; garments and yarns.
There are some important and relevant things I did at this company during my time here.
As a sales management
Be in charge of the domestic and overseas markets to achieve the high volume of sales
Set up and implement a business
strategy in every month, quarter and year
As a sales management
Conduct surveys and analyse the domestic market (products, prices, competitors, consumers' behavior)
Participate in the bids
Develop and maintain a relationship
with present customers (domestic and foreign companies) and look for new customers.
Solve customer complaints. Implement customer service policies.
As a sales management
Take part in exhibitions in Viet Nam and overseas countries. Join in a delegation of business companies to explore overseas market.
Carry out the advertisements of the company’s products in the press or advertising campaigns in order to boost the sales volume.
Calculate prices of products. Prepare sales contracts. Handle negotiations with customers about terms of the contract, prices,
quality and delivery time.
Make a suggestion of new products.
Be responsible for sales promotion.
Be responsible for buying materials (yarns, chemicals, greige & finishing fabrics, garment accesories) at domestic and overseas resources.
Collaborate with sub-contractors and suppliers to meet the consumers' demand (such as
samples, technology and materials)
As a plan management
Outsourcing (if any) to reduce overhead expenses of production and increase the competitive capacity.
Clear customs formalities for import and export goods.
Synthesize and present a summary reports of productions and suppliers.
Measure quality of fabrics, yarns and garments
Inventory management
Ensure factories/sub-contractos' activities to be on schedule
Understand the process of manufacturing : textile (weaving and knitting), dyeing and sewing.
Have a wide network of contact in Vinatex, Vitas, MOIT, garment - weaving - dyeing companies, yarn suppliers.
Have knowledge of fabrics (synthesis, T/C, Cotton, CVC, Nylon fabrics), garments (T-Shirt, Polo-Shirt, Jacket, Shirts, Trousers, fashion
clothes and yarns.
Hard-working, active, innovative & creative, sociable, keen on and passionate person.
Team work, be autonomous in work and action.
Be familiar with data and figures (analyse and forecast).
Have ability make good and clear presentations, videos, animated videos. Have a good skills of using computer and softwares.
Have high requirements in work
Focus details, someitmes it takes more time to fulfill a task
Give opinion directly when disagreement on something (such as solutions, ideas, comments).
Impatient of slowly working performance/attitude
Application form
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to apply for the job as Marketing Manager which you advertised in the Vietnamwork website.
Ho Chi Minh, June 14th, 2014
I believe that I have gained valuable experience in many fields so I feel that I would be suitable for the job.
I certify that the information is given in this curriculum vitae is complete and accurate.
I am particularly interested in this job because it opens more opportunities for me to challenge new roles that I can develop my professional abilities.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Ms.Huynh Ngoc Kim Xuan (Ivy)
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