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Multiple Personality Disorder (DID)

The psychology behind alter egos...

Jacqueline Jorgensma

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Multiple Personality Disorder (DID)

Multiple Personality Disorder (DID) Symptoms Cause Dissociative identity disorder severe trauma during early childhood usually extreme physical, emotional,or sexual abuse another name for Multiple Personality Disorder Definition dissociative identity disorder is a severe form of dissociation, a mental process, which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity Amnesia: lapses of memory (usually of specific events) Derealization: seeing things Depersonalization: feeling like they are watching their life rather than living it Did you know? Who gets DID? There are cases where people have as many as 100 personalities! drug abuse The person suffering from the disorder is called a HOST A DID patient has an average of 15 different personalities more common in females than males The disorder is established in a person by approx. 4 years old Identity disturbances: changing personalities after stressful or traumatic experience Also: A study out of 100 DID patients, 97 were sexually abused It tries to create a fantasy world for the host Phobias, depression, anger, anxiety attacks, paranoia, & flashbacks to traumatizing experiences Treatment Hypnosis can be dangerous can conjure up old memories and scare patients Sybil Isabel Dorsett She had 14 different personalities each representing a different side of her that she wanted to be vicky: the confident "know it all" ruthie: the one to endure parent's actions (a child) the blonde: helped sybil through her love life helen: the achiver, depressed, and fearful marjorie: the calm, funny one peggy louisiana: the agressive hostile one clara: the religious one children with frightening or unpredictable parents Statistics Why people get it .01-1% of general population suffers from DID 1/3 people say they feel like they are watching their life as opposed to living it 7% of population may have undiagnosed DID Talk therapy/Psychotherapy Medications Antidepressants: depression and DID often go hand in hand Anti-anxiety medications: the same goes for anxiety and DID 98-99% of those affected with DID have reported recurring or life threatening disturbances from before age 9 (due to neglect, emotional abuse, physicaly abuse, or sexual abuse
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