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PSYA2 - Introduction to section C + Definitions (1)

Introduction + Definitions of abnormality

Clare Schulze

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of PSYA2 - Introduction to section C + Definitions (1)

Individual differences:
Psychopathology (abnormality)

Three definitions of abnormality
1. Deviation of social norms
2. Failure to function adequately
3. Deviation from ideal mental health
Deviation from Social Norms
What are social norms?
Explain the meaning of deviation from:

Social norms

Evaluate this definition

To apply techniques discussed effectively to develop your note taking and transformation of notes
To analyse one definition of abnormality
To understand how to develop your technique of note taking and transforming notes completed for homework
To remember the three definitions of abnormality
To define and understand what DSM means
The use of DSM
The Diagnostic and statistical manual is a list of mental classifications which is used to diagnose mental disorders
For each disorder a list of clinical characteristics is given, i.e the symptoms that should be looked for
DSM-5 is currently in place in Britain
Current DSM classification contains a category called 'sexual and gender identity disorders' which include pedophilia and voyeurism. Such behaviours are considered socially deviant
Overview & Work booklets
Complete the activities on you DFSN page
How can we evaluate DFSN?
1. Read & highlight your work booklet

Failure to function adequately
Must know Rosenhan & Seligmans key characteristics
Create a mnemonic for this!
Give an eg of a behaviour that could be seen as showing that a is FFA and therefore indicates their behaviour may be abnormal
Can you think of any disorders that would link to this definitions?
Evaluation points
Deviation from Ideal mental health
Must know Jahoda's definitions
Mnemonic time!
Eg & disorder example
Complete the exam questions & a 12m plan for this topic

Plenary - Would you class any of these people as abnormal?
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