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Human Rights + Intellectual Property Rights

No description

Juhainah Turqueza

on 29 August 2015

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Transcript of Human Rights + Intellectual Property Rights

Rights come with Responsibilities
Everyone has rights
Right to Religion
Right to Education
Right to Equality
Freedom of Speech
Need: Self-actualization, esteem, social needs
- everyone is entitle to his/her opinion
Responsibility: respect the opinion of others and be wary of expressing our ideas
Right to Vote
Need: Safety and Security Needs
- everyone is entitled to vote, it is part of their expression. Also, everyone has the right to choose the person who they think can provide them safety and security: good government and basic needs
Responsibility: vote wisely
Freedom of Expression
Need: Social Needs, Esteem
- each one of us is entitled to express emotions or feelings
Responsibility: respect others' feelings and be wary of our own actions
-highlights of the 30 Universal Rights
-corresponding Need and Responsibility
Need: all
- regardless of language, sex, skin color, race, religion or nationality
Responsibility: practice, protect and be aware of our rights
Need: Esteem, and Self actualization
- we are allowed to profess our religion anytime and no one should stop us from doing it
Responsibility: respect other religion
Need: Esteem, Self-Actualization
-everyone has the right to acquire knowledge for self improvement
Need: Esteem, Social needs and Security needs
- nobody should treat others as subjects or minions; no bullying
Responsibility: respect others, treat others equally
Intellectual Property Rights
Which of the following can we Copyright, Trademark or Patent
Intellectual Property - refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artisitc works and symbols, names, images, and designs used in business
-protects original works that fall under the categories of literature, dramatic, musical, artistic and intellectual
-protects the form of expression but not the subject matter of the work
-used to protect a word, symbol, device, or name that is used for the purpose of trading goods: BRAND NAME
-indicates the source of goods and distuingishes them from the goods of others
-grants a property right to the inventor that will prevent anyone else from making, using or selling invention
-lasts for a limited amount of time: usually 20 years
-patent is considered 'property'
a REGISTERED trademark has been officially registered
a trademark may be in the process of becoming registered or it may never be officially registered at all.
If someone makes a news article about a movie, that article would be copyrighted preventing others from using that particular material. However, copyright does not prevent others from making their own article about that movie.
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