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6010-Introducton Barb Skelley

No description

Barbara Skelley

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of 6010-Introducton Barb Skelley

Hi! I'm Barb Skelley
Moved to Seattle at 19. Attended the Art Institute of Seattle. I worked different jobs during school, but the best was the all ages concert hall! I was assist. stage manager, load in/out of bands, run follow spot, etc, etc. . .
I also met one of my best friends, Peggy.
A.I.S. Art Institute of Seattle
-AA Music and Video Business
View of Seattle from Beacon Hill/Interstate 90 - where 1st apt was.
Album I toured on with VR
ANG Offices, Oakland, CA
I look forward to working & learning with everyone!
About Me
Currently live in Haslett, Michigan
About 20 mins Northwest of Lansing
Computer Skills
Masters Thesis - Documentary
Coexist: Is it Possible?
Career Goals
Complete the MLIS Masters degree
The Road
Originally from Saginaw, Michigan
I have an older brother and a younger sister
I have 1 niece and 3 nephews!
I love music & going to concerts (TSO every year!)
I love reading & watching movies (scary ones!)
I love to travel & I've been to: the UK, Scotland, France & China
Currently unemployed
Seattle, WA - 2 years- '89-90
Bay Area California - 12 1/2 years
Lived in many areas - worked & toured with the band Vicious Rumors, got on with ESPN golf tour across the U.S. then got a "real" job working in Majors/National Advertising at ANG Newspapers for 6 years.
Met another one of my best friends working for ANG, Christy.
Back to Michigan - June '03
My niece was born - April 14, 2003
Michigan State University
-BA Telecommunications,
Digital Media Arts & Technology
Michigan State University
-MA Telecommunications,
Documentary Video
My masters thesis documentary:
Coexist: Is it Possible?
Is on Vimeo
Use the skills I learn and my video production/editing experience to help me begin a new profession
Interests in Archives and Digital Content Management and Information Management
Dream job
Work in the Disney archives or data management
Experienced with
- PC/MAC computers
-Microsoft Office, Excel & PowerPoint
- Adobe Premiere, Photoshop & Encore
- Final Cut Pro, iDVD
Still Learning & want to learn
- Adobe Dreamweaver & After Effects
- Microsoft Access
- Data & web archiving tools
Personal/Team Skills
- Open to new ideas and new ways of doing things
- Good listener
- Very patient
- Detail oriented
- Can be very organized ;)

My niece, Katelyn & nephew Drew
Nephews Sean & Nathan
And. . . a few more pictures
TSO! Trans Siberian Orchestra - Winter 2013 Tour
Thank you!
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