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No description

Gulsah Can

on 11 March 2012

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Transcript of IFMSA

De wereld van IFMSA Our mission:
To introduce medical students to global health, and to work together to improve health all over the world. Founded in 1951
97 National Member Organisations from 92 countries
Officially recognized by WHO since 1969
Student chapter of the WMA
More than 10,000 exchanges in 2008/09
Over 35 Transnational Projects and 2 Initiative projects IFMSA Incredibly motivated young people, who work for what they believe in.
In return they get personal satisfaction from making influence on the world around and gather experience, which enriches their whole life.
The dream of a beter world has inspired and continues to inspire generations of students and makes IFMSA permanently developing. 4 algemene vergaderingen (AV) per jaar
150-250 studenten per weekend
Verkiezingen, presentaties projecten, financiën, reports, reglementswijzigingen, werkgroepbesprekingen, trainingen & workshops Nationale activiteiten
Zeilweekend IFMSA-Groningen: 68
IFMSA-Leiden: 53
IFMSA-Maastricht: 48
IFMSA-Nijmgen: 57
IFMSA-Rotterdam: 61
IFMSA-Utrecht: 49
IFMSA-Vumc: 69

457 in totaal IFMSA Executive Board Exchanges
Conferences, workshops, summer schools
Discussion and debate What do we do? What we offer to our members Exchange and Cooperation Training External Representation Network IFMSA International Federation of Medical Students' Associations Themes Support Regions Standing committees IFMSA-NL NMOs EMSA European Medical Students' Associations IFMSA-VUmc Dagelijks bestuur Werkgroepen Lokale comités Dagelijks bestuur Werkgroepen national member organisations Projecten Sharing is caring Training is our backbone Summerschool Medical Education Lokaal bestuur Zorgconsulent Allochtone Kankerpatienten Medical Summer school Amsterdam Dr. House General Assemblies Tunesie & Macedonie Trainer International Development Assistant Public Health Publicaties Workshop in Thailand General Assembly Thailand European meeting Malta AMEE Knowledge, practical skills
Leadership, management
Diplomatic, communication, negotiation
Education, supervision, mentoring, training
Endurance, determination, resilience
Motivation, confidence, flexibility, patience
Planning, time, organization
Support, balance (work-life)
Personality, open mind
Creativity, vision Skills for dream job *Bron: Presentatie dr. Bernardo Bollen Pinto tijden de AMEE 2010 Vriendschap Inspiratie Kritisch kijk Delen Ontwikkeling Samenwerken Beter mens "IFMSA opened and is opening my eyes and mind, it's the straighter way to become a good doctor, both as a person and as a practitioner...and made me call "home" many places in the world :)"
Laura, Italie "IFMSA is a great way to learn about medicine and medical studies all over the world, it allowed me to compare the different ways of learning and made me more enthusiastic to help improving our medical education system"
Kaoutar, Tunesie "You discover who you really are much faster than the rest of students who don't get involved in it... you become a physician, they become graduates of med school."
Alex, Greece "It has really changed alot in my personality , and gave me opportunities to improve myself."
Abdalla, Sudan "It reminds you that the medical student can have other activities beside medicine."
Amira, Egypt "Close Friends, Dream of a better tomorrow, Challenge, Optimism, Success"
Fathi, Egypt Motivatie Think Globally,
Act Locally
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