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Barrel Racing

So do you think Barrel Racing is easy.

Kerry Kuipers

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Barrel Racing

So do think Barrel Racing his is just some silly sport that a horse and a cow girl go around. Well let me tell you something. This clip should tell you some things about the sport.
To be a barrel racer takes aditude
To be a barrel racer it takes team work.
Ok you are probably thinking, my word this is so dumb. Well I thought that you might start thinking that so I am going to show you a video that might let you understand a little better.
We covered most of the facts there are so here is a movie that should wrap up what I just told you.
You may think that all barrel racing is running around barrels till you get dizzy well your very, very wrong .
To be a barrel racer it takes,
You also have to be very very tough!!!!!.
And that means NO crying over knocking a barrel over or not winning.
When your out in the ring its just you and your horse through better or through worst you stick togethr.
To win you have to have the fastesed time. If you nock 1 barrel over you get five seconeds to your time. Some barrel racers hold the barrel up if it looks like its going to fall over and you are alude to do that.
Barrel racing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well now you know one of the things I do on horseback.
Barrel racing can also be very, very dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes people think that barrel racing is so so so easy. Well it is NOT!!!!!
Picture gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it is the real end!!!
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