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How TheraTogs Work

No description

Ann Sturgill

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of How TheraTogs Work

Interior layer of open-celled foam actively repositions soft tissue and underlying fascia and skin.
Without extreme compression
No use of adhesive or latex additives.
Please review the application and indication science pages for details on When to Apply and How to Apply TheraTogs.
Retrain with Strap on Muscles
Once the pelvis and rib cage are supported, then 'external muscles' are applied to create balance around specific joints. Straps are applied to support or correct indications presented.
The garments are the base layer. The hipster is donned with the correct force vectors to promote pelvic alignment.

The tank top is donned with different force vectors to promote correct rib cage alignment over the pelvis.
How TheraTogs Work
Strap for That
TogRite is comprised of a nylon & spandex material with a silicone stripe. This allows the straps to grip the outside of the GoldTone material.
Muscle Balance
Movement Strategies
Positional Strength
Posture Control
Applies a force vector
Conforms around the body
Fulcrum for the foam to grip
Behavior similar to body muscular movements:
Dynamic input
Centralized at pelvis and rib cage
Action similar to muscles
Directional tension, not compression
Input to a central location
Large surface area mobilization
Technical Engineered Textile
Specifically formulated for the demands of biomechanical retraining
Garments First
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