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Scout's honor.

No description

Destiny Bindenagel

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Scout's honor.

Point of view
What is the point of view of the story?
Pick a character from the story and describe the character.
Many boys camp in palisades.
The narrator is nine years old and he is not as tough as his friends. He is joining scouts and max is kind of tough but not tough as Horse. The three boys have to get three badges to get out of tenderfoot.
Point of view
What is the theme of the story?
They got prepared and left to go to the train station.
Scout's Honor.
" You saying I don't ?" Horse snapped.
" I didn't think you guys were ready for it"
Leads him to go to Jersey.
Horse felt tougher then the other boys
Horse and Max admitted they weren't tough
How does the dialogue move the story forward?
How does dialogue in the story influence a character's choice, decision, or action?
What does the dialogue tell you about a character?
"Okay I admit it I am not as tough as you guys"
A brief introduction of the character, setting and opening situation
They start to get sick and want to go home so they go home.
The turning point of the story
Series of main events which lead to the climax
Events that follow the climax
They are standing on the street ready to go home. Then they went their separate ways.
Outcome of the conflict
They finally went home.
What is the major conflict in the story?
The major conflict is where they didn't come prepared.
1st person
There are a lot of I's in the story.
How does the author's choice for point of view impact you as a reader?
It tells you that the author is a person in the book and telling the story.
Horse is stubborn and he is also scared.

He doesn't want to put his mattress down to lighten the load.
They didn't have a can opener open canned food.
Didn't have a change of clothes.
Being prepared makes life easier.
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