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Year 9 GCSE Computer Science Options

No description

Andrea Sanders

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Year 9 GCSE Computer Science Options

GCSE Computer Science
Well, what is Computer Science?
Computer Science is the study of the design and development of computer systems.

It's all about Problem Solving!
Is this the right choice for me?
Technology of the Future
Computer Scientists develop the cool
gadgets and technology of the future
Computer Scientists are at the forefront of all technology developments
Research & Development
So what does a Computer Scientist do?
Biomedical Research
DNA Computing
Computational Biology
Artificial Intelligence
Brain Computer Interfaces
Software Industry
Animation (films, games...)
Electrical Engineering
New generation hardware
iPhone, XBox, PS3 etc.
NASA Space Research
What will I learn?
Students studying this specification will:
Understand how computers and networks work
Understand the fundamental principles of computing
Learn practical programming using industry standard tools and languages
Controlled Assessment
2 x 20 hours of classroom time
Internally assessed
Externally moderated

Working independently students demonstrate their ability to code a solution to a given problem. There will be 2 tasks, each one getting progressively harder.
Do I like solving problems?

Am I inquisitive?

Can I come up with creative solutions to problems?

Do I refuse to give in if the going gets tough?

Am I good at maths? L6+

Can I work independently?
Would you like to create it?
1 hour 30 minutes written exam
Externally assessed

Questions will be on the following topics:
Programming theory
Mathematical representation of data
This component will include a range of types of questions from very short to extended answers.
Practical Programming
Computing Theory
If you want to make a difference
Do you just want to use it?
Still unsure...
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