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Adam Is Awesome

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Fingerprints

By: Adam
Some Questions
At the end of my presentation I will ask these questions:
What are the four different types of fingerprints?
What was the controlled variable in my experiment?
Can one person have the same fingerprint on each finger?
What are Fingerprints?
Fingerprints are:
Patterns of tiny circles, swirls, ridges, and valleys on the tip of fingers.
They help people get a good grip on smooth surfaces.
They are so tiny that you can't feel them when you touch something.
Each person has a distinct fingerprint pattern that was formed when the person was born.
No one has the exact same fingerprint pattern. Not even identical twins!
The Different Types of Fingerprints
Did you know that there are many different types of finger prints?
In this slide I will talk about the different types of fingerprints.
What is my Experiment???
I will talk about how fingerprints work
How dectectives/policemen figure out who did a crime by looking at fingerprints.
Wave-like ridges entering from one side and leaving from the opposite side.
Ridges come from one direction towards the centre and return in the same direction
May be a combination of two or more fingerprint of the three fingerprint classes containing no class at all.
The ridges form circles.
Controlled Variable
For this experiment the controlled variable would be the size of each fingerprint
Responding Variable
For this experiment the responding variable would be that you get a fingerprint.
Manipulated Variable
For this experiment the manipulated variable would be the design of the fingerprints
Dependent Variable
The dependent variable would be how the fingerprints come out as because if I press really hard the fingerprints will come out good. But, if I don't press that hard they won't look that good.
The Variables
Following are the steps to show how to take a print:
First, I will rub a small dark area with a pencil point on a sheet of white paper.
Next, I will rub my finger in the pencil led dust.

Then, I will place the sticky side of the transparent tape on the dusted finger.
After that, I will take the tape with the fingerprint and tape it to a sheet of white paper.
I'll do this until I have all ten fingerprints printed
The Materials
For this experiment I will use the following materials:
Magnifying Glass
Transparent Tape
My Finger
The Quiz
What are the four different types of fingerprints?
What was the controlled variable in my experiment?
Can one person have the same fingerprint on each finger
Black Gold ICT
National Fingerprinting ID
My Fingerprints
These are my fingerprints:
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