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No description

Nur Khairunnisa

on 1 November 2013

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Located at Paris, France
Within a prestigious hotel: Le Bristol
Serves classic French cuisine
Dress code: Business Casual wear
Le Meurice
Located in Paris, France
Within Hotel Le Meurice Paris
3 Michelin stars

Located in Paris, France
Main room- open air: 40-115 seats
Private room: 21-45 seats
Private room: 6-20 seats
2 Michelin stars
What is Michelin Star?
Hallmark of fine-dining restaurant
Michelin - tire company
To encourage road tripping in France

Sa.Qua.Na (flavour/quality/nature)
Located at Honfleur, France
Restaurant seats 26 people
2 Michelin stars
Restaurant Recognition
Quality of produce used
Fascinating cuisine of the sea
One of the most talented cooks
Worked with 2-3 star Michelin Restaurant
Ran a Japanese restaurant in Toya, Japan
Cooking for 18 years
Chef Alexandre Bourdas
Cuisine Specialties
Poached monkfish with coconut and lime broth
Pollack with creamy mash potatoes
Signature Services
Choose from full (€108) / shorter (€65) menu
Omakase to the kitchen
No á la carte option
Unique Ambience
Located at a historic centre
A peaceful maritime port
As if time have stopped for the moment
A town with rich historical past
Restaurant Recognition
Providing the best ingredients
Ingredients prepared using special methods
Chef Alain Ducasse
Became a chef in 1980
Awarded two michelin star in 1984
Currently holds 21 michelin stars
Cuisine Specialties
Steamed cod with sweet garlic and chorizo
Blown almond meringue
Unique Ambience
Inspired by Salon de la Paix at the Château de Versailles
Overlooking the neighbouring Jardin des Tuileries
Signature Services
Performance by waiters
Restaurant Recognition
Rated Food 27/ Décor 28/ Service 28 in Zagat
Chef Christophe Moret
Gained first kitchen experience at Hotel De La Poste
Went on becoming chef-de-partie in several restaurants
Stand on his own before running kitchen of Spoon Food & Wine Paris
Become chef-de-cuisine of three-starred Alain Ducasse restaurant in Hotel Plaza Athenee
Spent 18 years with Alain Ducasse
Took over the kitchens of Lasserre in 2010
Cuisine Specialties
Pigeon André Malraux duck liver, seasonal vegetables

Unique Ambience
Provide guest with waiting room, reception, main room- open air and private rooms
Has a retracting roof which at night opens just enough for guest to see the stars

Signature Services
Upstairs dining room is accessible by a bellboy- operated lift
Menu changes constantly to reflect seasonal availability and showcase highest quality produce
Restaurant Recognition
Ranked #1 of 9,919 restaurants in Paris on TripAdvisor
Ranked number 9 in The Daily Meal's "101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World 2013“
Chef Eric Frechon
36 years of experience
Open his first restaurant ‘The Canopy Eric Frechon’ in 1995
1999, Executive Chef of the Hotel Le Bristol  in Paris
2009, Elected the ‘Chef of the Year ’ on The Chief
Cuisine Specialties
Stuffed macaroni, with black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras
Caviar from Sologne, “ratte” potato mousseline smoked with haddock
Priceless Nyangbo chocolate, liquid cocoa, thin tile like wafers and gold guilded sorbet
Unique Ambience
Classic, Elegant & Romantic
Beautiful view of the garden for outdoor dining
Signature Services
Menu with price is only served to the males
Epicure is very a very family themed restaurant
Cheese Trolley
Flavoured jelly bonbons
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