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Me & My friends

No description

shaikilia coleman

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Me & My friends

Family and friends Collage
My friends
More Friends
This is my mom shes a queen to me she raised me when my dad had died in the military for 20 years without her i wouldn't be where i am today. she has helped me a lot with school and my first place.
My Best friend Cynthia who i have know for 8 years she has help me when i was moving into my first place on my own and has also helped me financially with school.
My friend Kieana and Aaron who had attended my birthday party I have been knowing kieana for 3 years and she is the biggest motivator for me in my life without her i would be lost. on the other hand Aaron i have know for 2 years and he is a really nice and motivated guy to talk to; and i feel like i can talk to him about anything.
where can i start with my friend Julio he has been in my life for the past year and me and him click really well together i sometimes feel like we where meant to be brother and sister.
this little guy means the world to me my son Jaylen he is 6 years old and he is the best son i can ask for he so perfect, sweet,caring ,and loving i wouldn't trade him for the world.
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