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Introduction to Europe3D

No description

Tuğçe Yanıkkaya

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Europe3D

The Goal of ESTIEM Our goal is to establish and foster relations between students of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) across Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development. ESTIEM Spirit ESTIEM
Structure The Events So Far... Friendly Atmosphere


No matter what background Easy to get involved

Travel as much as you like
Take part in our European network Playground to try out

Improve your soft skills
Open to your ideas 26 countries
68 Local Groups
Core team: ~150 students
Direct access to ~5 000 students
Total IEM student members 50 000 The Network Europe3D CONCEPT One country, 5-7 days
Students from all around Europe
Seminars, case studies
Company visits
Parties.. Why is Europe3D special? You don’t need to be an industrial engineering and management (IEM) student. An attractive event for all students Chance to contact with other associations Chance
to meet ESTIEM Feedback System Why a feedback system?

Improve the quality of ESTIEM events Event Feedback Lessons learned BPDs Continious Improvement of ESTIEM events OPINION ONLINE ANONYMOUS REPORT 2007-2010 Kick –Off Event : Dresden Ankara& Istanbul, Turkey Belgrade,Serbia Zurich , Switzerland Lyon,
France Eindhoven-Enschede-Groningen
(Holland3D) Bucharest, Romania 2010-2011 Helsinki&
Finland Stockholm, Sweden Gdansk & Warsaw, Poland Brussels,Belgium Ankara & Istanbul,
Turkey Seville, Spain Braunschweig-Hamburg -Bremen,
Germany Budapest,
Hungary Vojvodina, Serbia Porto & Coimbra,Portugal Chios,
Greece Arctic, Sweden and Finland Lyon,
France Trondheim,
Norway Berlin&
Munich, Germany 2012 2013... BE INFORMED ESTIEM webpage (www.europe3d.estiem.org) Facebook (Europe3D) Twitter (@Europe3D) Questions The Network Team Structure Russia, Saint Petersburg & Moscow Macedonia, Skopje You are here!
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