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the wonderful

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of the wonderful

Roger wanted to help people that didn't have wheel chairs so he dicided to make a wheel chair company he was going to make wheel chairs for people who coulden't aford to buy a wheel chair he would give theme away cause he didn't want too see people suffer he he wanted to help them.
Wonder is a kid that grew up with this face problom it made his lip look like if it was hanging frim his mouth kids didn't like looking at him that's why his mom home schools him but a year later he find's out that his mom signd him up for school a year ago and he dosent want to go to school becouse he dousen't want to be made fun of other kids and auggies dog died so whene he came back from camp his dad got him a new dog .
Wonder is about a kid that has a face problem he has never gone to school but a year later he finds out he got tricked into doing a test so he can go in to school and whene gouse to school he starts getting bullied by the kid that is showing him around but at the end he douse a play then after the play ends they walk out side and people start taking photos like they won a award or there celeberties walking on a red carpet.
Pay it forward is about a kid and this woman dies and gives him money and for the rest of his family because there poor so he tries to find out what to do with the money but he decides to spend it on stuff he needs like clothes or food.
Roger wanted some blue swayed shous so he decided to try to steel money becous'e he didn't have enough money to buy them so when he tried to steel a purse the large woman grabbed him from his shirt and dragged him to her house after a while she let him go and gave him enough money to get those shouse even thou he tried to steel her purse.
The idea of the book was that you shouldent gouge any body by how they look or where there from and to never bully try and be there friend.
The wonderful project
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