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Michael Vey:

No description

NWE Loosli

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Michael Vey:

Michael Vey:
Fifteen years ago, in Pasadena, California, a new machine operated by Elgen, Inc. was turned on in Pasadena General Hospital, in the radiology department. The MEI, as it was called, used electrons to view the human body. Twelve days later, due to minor technical difficulties, the machine was turned off. During that time, fifty-nine babies were born next door to Radiology. Forty-two wouldn't live two days, compared with the one death during that time period the previous month. Of the remaining seventeen, four would die of cancer before the age of seven. The thirteen remaining were gifted, and one was Michael Vey.
Prisoner of Cell 25
Michael Vey
Michael Vey is a short fifteen-year-old with problems. He gets bullied a lot at school, partially because of his stature, but also due to his Tourette's Syndrome. Tourette's is a neural problem that causes him to blink, twitch, and make gulping noises. However, Michael has a power. He can send electricity through his body in what he calls a "surge" or "pulse." At last recording, Michael could produce over one thousand volts. Michael is a kind, brave person who loves his mother. He lives in Idaho.
Taylor Ridley
Taylor Ridley is an enthusiastic, cute, and brave cheerleader who also has electric powers. Taylor can, with contact, read minds, change minds, and "reboot" minds. Taylor was adopted, and she lives in Idaho. Taylor is one of the popular people at school.
Ostin Liss
Ostin is a very smart individual, with a high technical knowledge, and a photographic memory. He is one of the few who know about Michael's powers. Ostin's name is a corrupted form of Austin; he was born in Austin, Texas, but his mom didn't know how to spell it correctly, so he became Ostin. Since Ostin is Michael's best friend, he joins in with Michael to invade the Elgen Academy for Taylor and Mrs. Vey. Ostin came up with the name Electroclan for the club of kids with special electric powers that are anti-Elgen.
Dr. James Hatch
Hatch is th
head of the Elgen Academy, and a member of the board of directors
. He is ruthless, uncaring, and will do anything to get the electric children on his side. Hatch calls the electric children Glows because they all give off a faint glow. Hatch is rich, and will try to bribe, threaten, and coerce the electric children to do his bidding.
Problem and Solution
In the book, there are a whole bunch of problems. First, Hatch kidnaps Mrs. Vey and Taylor, and Michael has to rescue them. In addition, MIchael has to find out the truth about his powers. Michael's bullying at school is a definite problem, and getting locked up in Cell 25 wasn't a bonus. However, the main problem in this story is Mrs. Vey getting kidnapped.
With, at least the main problem of his mother getting kidnapped, to Michael there is one, fairly easy solution: rescue her. However, the execution of this solution may be hard to implement.
This book mainly takes place in two locations: Michael's town in Idaho, and the Elgen Academy in Pasadena, California. Within these main locations, however, there are sub-locations, such as Michael's school in Idaho, the police station, and Michael's apartment. Some others are (within the Academy) the holding cell, laboratory, Cell 25, and the dungeon.
The main protagonist is Michael Vey: president of the Electroclan, and a Glow. The antagonist is Dr. James Hatch, head of the mysterious Elgen Academy and part of the Elgen Board of Directors.
Conflicts-External and Internal
External Conflict
Man vs. Man
- When Michael confronts Hatch
Man vs. Society
- When Michael is bullied
Internal Conflict
Man vs. Self
- When Michael discovers the truth about his father's death
Rising Action
Falling Action
In the exposition, we learn about Michael and Taylor's powers, Michael's family situation (his dad died when he was eight), and we learn about Elgen and the cause of the Glow's powers.
Rising Action
In the rising action, Michael shocks some bullies, gets popular, and gets an A on a biology test. Then his mom gets kidnapped, and Taylor gets kidnapped, and Michael knocks a guy out with electricity.
Michael sneaks into the academy, and Hatch blasts Michael's mom with about a thousand amps, and tells Michael how he killed his own father. Then Michael gets thrown into Cell 25, with pain and fear like you've never imagined, where they starve him, and he is put through insane, irrational fear. He's in there for twenty-six days when Hatch pulls him out for another little talk.
Michael gets taken to a room, where Zeus, another electric child, is about to fry Taylor and Ostin. Michael infuriates Zeus, and when Zeus tries to shock Michael, Michael absorbs his electricity and defeats him. Taylor uses her powers to supress the lies Hatch had brainwashed him with. Zeus joins the Electroclan and they go on a rampage, taking down twenty-seven guards armed with rifles, smoke grenades, concussion grenades, and Mace. They also take down a horde of similarly armed scientists who have a Barrett M182 anti-material rifle retrofitted with a M2A1-7 flamethrower. Michael and Ostin take down Nichelle, an electric vampire, and though Hatch and the bad Glows escape, they are left with control of the facility.
Falling Action and Denoument
After the battle, the Electroclan assess damage and makes a plan for rescuing Michael's mother and the planned fall of the Elgen.
See plot diagram info.
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