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Rafael Nadal

No description

Michael Godefa

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal
1. When and where was Rafael Nadal born?
2. When did Rafael Nadal start to play tennis?
3. What is Rafael's nickname?
4. About his parents
5. About his girlfriend
6. Rafael Nadal's career
7. Rafael Nadal's Profile
8. How many grand slam titles has Rafael Nadal won?
9. How many singles titles has Rafael Nadal won?
10. Who was and are his junior and senior coaches?
11. Facts about Rafael Nadal
12. Awards Rafael Nadal has won
13. Rafael Nadal's greatest shots
14. That's all folks

When and where was Rafael Nadal born?
Rafael Nadal was born in Manacor, Spain. The date that he was born on is June 3rd 1986. He was very rich when he was born even now. His parents ( Sebastián Nadal and Ana Maria Parera) were divorced when he was young. So he was given to his uncle (Toni Nadal), to be looked after because his parents had divorced.
When did Rafael Nadal start to play tennis?
Rafael Nadal started to play tennis when he was living with his uncle Toni. Toni taught him how to play tennis and it became his favourite sport although he liked soccer to but he liked tennis better than soccer. When his parents were back together he still would play tennis and played tournements.
What is Rafael 's nickname
By Michael Godefa
Rafael's nickname is Rafa. The name Rafa came from his mother as a short name for him. Rafa is used for a boy and a girl. the name Rafa is Spanish but comes from a Hebrew origin. Rafa can be in other languages, but are spelt differently. For Rapha (English) which is spelt differently to the Spanish Rafa.
About his parents
Rafael Parents names are Sebastián Nadal and Ana María Parera. They were divorced a lot of times. They separated and then back together divorced and finally back together. When Rafael Nadal's parents were divorced Rafael was forced to live with his uncle Toni Nadal.
About his Girlfriend
Rafael Nadal's girlfirend is called Xisca Perello. She always supports Rafael Nadal. She broke up with him because he wasn't spending time with her, but spending time with his uncle and full-time coach. When it was Wimbledon, he lost and forgot about it and spent time with her.
Rafael Nadal's Career
Rafael Nadal has had a very good career. He has won 2 grand slams in 2013, That's the most grand slams that Rafael has won. He has won lot's of singles titles. He is holding the number 1 ranking for a long time, even though he has been losing some games.
Rafael Nadal's Profile
Name: Rafael Nadal
Age: 27
Birth date: 3 June 1986
Birth place: Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
Residence: Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 85kg
Plays: Left-handed
Turned Pro: 2001
Coach: Toni Nadal
Singles Ranking: 1
Occupation: Athlete
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hobbies: Playstation, Soccer, Reading books, Fishing and going to the cinemas with his freinds.

How many grand slams has Rafael Nadal won?
Rafael Nadal has won lot's of tennis grand slams. The grand slams Rafael Nadal has won are.
Australain Open: 1
French Open: 8
Wimbledon: 2
US Open: 2
So the total of grand slams Rafael Nadal has won is 13.
How many singles titles has Rafael Nadal won
Rafael Nadal has won many singles titles. He has won Barcelona Open, Cincinnati Masters, ATP World tour Rome, ATP World Tour Canada, Madrid Masters and a whole lot more singles titles.

Who was and are his junior and senior coaches?
Rafael's coach is Toni Nadal (his uncle) one of the best coaches. He has been his ful time coach. When he was a youngster and now. He is one of the best coaches because Rafael Nadal has won many matches and hasn't lost a game starting from the Cincinnati Masters.
Facts about Rafael Nadal
1. Born: Manacor
2. age 27
3. From Spain
4. Played tennis at the age of 4
5. Ranking: 1
6. Grand slam titles: 13
7. Speaks Spanish and English
8. Won the most grand slams in 2013
9. Won the most singles titles in 2013
10. Coach Toni Nadal
Awards Rafael Nadal has won
1. 8 Roland Garros trophies
2. 2 US Open trophies
3. 18 Madrid Masters titles
4. Athlete of the year: 2013
5. Won Cincinnati in 2013
6. Won the Career Golden Grand slam trophy
7. Won doubles in the Beijing Olympics.
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